Secrets of People Who Always Get the Job

You probably know someone who always seems to get the job.

They never fail to impress in interviews, always stand out in a crowd and are on the front foot in those tense salary negotiations.

They seem to live a charmed life, too. They get approached for great roles, are always next in line for promotions and never have to fight for a pay rise.

So what’s the story, is it just luck? Far from it. Here are the secrets of people who always get the job.

They do their homework

People who always get the job (PWAGTJs) never wing the application or interview.

Their resume, application and cover letter are error-free and tailored to the role they’re applying for. They’ve read the job ad through in full and know what the company is looking for in an applicant and where their skills fit in. They’ve also scoured the web for information on the company, including current projects, big clients and its history.

By the time they make the interview, it’s obvious to everyone in the room that they want the job and they’ve done their homework.

They’ve got a good online profile

Not to say they’re nerdy, but PWAGTJs know that nowadays Google is the first place potential employers look when a job application lands on their desk.

So they’ve carefully managed their online profile. An up-to-date LinkedIn account is a given, and their Facebook or Twitter feeds are either 100% inoffensive or 100% private.

They use their networks

There’s no doubt sites like, LinkedIn or even Twitter are a great resource and have found many people a job.

But some of the best jobs are never advertised at all or, by the time they are, a preferred candidate has already been identified.

PWAGTJs know this, and understand the value and importance of networking in getting a role. So they make sure to stay in touch with key people, love to work the room at industry events and always send a thank you note.

They ask questions and follow up

PWAGTJs know that the recruitment process is a two way street.

They know that while the interview is a great opportunity to impress your potential employer, it’s also your main chance to gather as much information as possible about the role and company to make an informed decision about whether to take the gig.

So they’re not afraid to ask questions about the challenges they’ll face in the role, their direct manager or team, options for training or career progression and even the company itself.

And once the interview is over, they follow up. They thank the interviewers for the opportunity and respond to any questions they didn’t answer in the room. That way, they’re always front of mind for the employer.

They’re hungry

At the end of the day PWAGTJ are hungry.

They don’t believe in luck. They believe they’ve got something of value to offer and are eager to show the world.

Sure, they’re appropriately qualified and experienced for the role and get everything else right, but ultimately they’re looking to succeed, prove themselves, and get that job.

Image: Guian Bolisay, via Flickr