5 Things That Self-Made Millionaires Do Differently

Zaki Ameer was never interested in academic life, failed at school, and began his entrepreneurial journey by selling cassettes to classmates. After moving to Australia to study for a Bachelor of Business, a chance meeting saw him buy his first investment property.
He now has a successful portfolio of 10 properties, worth a total of $3 million.  In 2012, he founded Dream Design Property, to help others build wealth, invest in property and build financial literacy. Here are his secrets to success: 


Self-made millionaires may seem like a foreign phenomenon, occurring once in a blue moon by a stroke of pure luck. This perception could not be further from the truth. These businessmen and women simply follow a tried and tested formula that embraces success and hard work.

Here are 5 things that self-made millionaires do differently:

Have a deep desire to succeed

Without an innate desire to succeed, an individual is guaranteed to not perform to the best of their abilities.

This is true in all aspects of life, but it is especially true in relation to professional development.

Self-made millionaires possess a deep desire to do their best, and I firmly believe that this drive comes from formative childhood experiences. My early adulthood hammered in the harsh realities of dealing with culture shock and financial hardship.

Without these experiences under my belt, I never would have developed my fiery passion for property investment and helping others.

Place others before themselves

While many believe this is not the case, self-made millionaires want to see others succeed before themselves.

We are invested in supporting an economic and social environment that does not just cater to our own needs, but also an environment where everyone prospers.

Interestingly enough, this environment becomes a measure of our own future successes, and this is crucial during the formative years of a self-made millionaire’s career. If the environment we are a part of does not support our ideas, we cannot succeed.

Discipline, discipline, discipline

Discipline is the key to becoming a master of your practice.

The routines that I developed during my earlier days to simultaneously work, study, and complete assignments are what helped me maintain the focus I needed in the next phase of my career.

To successfully invest in a number of properties, and eventually start Dream Design Properties, I needed to rely on and build upon the strict routines that guided me during the earlier years of my career.

Stick to winning formulas

As individuals that embrace a landscape full of creativity and success, self-made millionaires love new ideas.

Despite this, self-made millionaires follow the same proven formulas that have been proven to work in the past. Under this approach, I have successfully invested in fifteen properties so far, and I know there will be many more to come in the future.

Constantly diving into new ventures can indeed be very exciting, but they are also risky and do not always have a great pay off. By repeating what has worked in the past, self-made millionaires know what works and what does not.

Embrace every avenue of help

In the same way that self-made millionaires embrace the success of everything around them, we are also open to all avenues of help that may come our way.

This mentorship and training is what fuels our hunger to learn and be inspired in new and exciting ways. Without the input of others, we run the risk of developing tunnel-vision that blinds us to future success.

It is this reliance on constant sources of help that drove me to start Dream Design Property and help others in the same ways that I had when I embarked on my entrepreneurial path as a young adult.

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