7 Reasons Everyone Needs A Work BFF

1. They understand work problems better than your other BFFs.

No matter how tight you are with your other mates, only a true work BFF can understand the details and dramas of your nine to five. It can be impossible to explain the ins and outs of your day, colleagues and workload to someone who’s not in the thick of it themselves.


2. You always have a lunch buddy

Hit the shops together, drag them on your errands or commit to a lunchtime yoga session with your partner. No lonely lunch in a cubicle stall for you.


3. They know what you’re thinking

Is Sarah in accounts really eating tuna at her desk again? Cue eye rolls, instant chats, and kicks under the table.


4. They give great advice

You definitely don’t need to leave your personal life at home when it comes to a work BFF. You can cry at work and won’t be judged. In fact, they’re a great sounding board for decisions, and they’ll give good feedback, meaning you’ll keep getting better at your job.


5. It improves productivity

Seriously. Gallup found close work friendships increase employee satisfaction by 50 per cent and people with a best friend in the office are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work.


6. They have the stuff you’ve forgotten to bring

Forgotten your wallet? Business jacket? Make up? Never fear, that’s what a work bestie is for.


7. One word: Mondays

You need to schedule a catch-up every Monday because you miss them every weekend and want to know what they did without you for two days.



Main pic: We Heart It