You Can Now Shop in a Virtual Reality Department Store

Shopping from home is nothing new. You can jump on the interwebs right now and buy almost anything without leaving the comfort of your lounge. But what if you’ve hit peak laziness and no longer wish to use your fingers? How will you shop? The answer, apparently, is virtual reality (VR).

Retail goliaths eBay and Myer have partnered to bring shopping directly to your face, allowing you to experience a personalised shopping experience controlled entirely by your gaze.

The technology involved isn’t all that out of reach for ordinary Australians either, utilizing just your smartphone, the ‘Virtual Reality Department Store’ app and some cardboard goggles dubbed, “eBay shopticals.” GOOD ONE!

Once immersed in the virtual world, items can be chosen and viewed by simply focusing your sight on them for a set time. It seems a tad clunky, but first iterations of anything aren’t without their issues.

eBay’s Senior Director of Marketing, Advertising Sales & Innovation, Steve Brennen told that joining forces with Myer made a lot of sense.

“We always pictured this as a glimpse into how shopping will look in the future, so we wanted a partner that could bring an amazing selection and Myer have better product than anyone else.”

“We both have a lot of synergies around creating an innovative customer experience. We see virtual-commerce being the fourth channel to the pre-existing physical, e-commerce and mobile-commerce experience.”

And as a wise man once said, we must “promote synergy.”

I, for one, am looking forward to being able to customise my own shopping experience with different skins. Feeling old school? Visit Ye Olde Shoppe and interact with old timey characters, complete with digital sarsaparilla. That’s more my speed.

Clever names for cardboard viewing apparatus aside, the advent of modern VR technology is going to change the face of many industries. Sure, the chief market during its infancy will be gaming, but real estate, education and retail, among others, are all starting to join the party. And it’s going to be a big one.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, friends. Buy the ticket, take the ride.