Simple Solutions to 12 Common Problems

Part of being human is encountering problems. We have the choice to face these problems with either a positive or a negative mental attitude. When we face problems with an attitude of optimism, we will always come out stronger. We have the tendency to overcomplicate and overreact in many situations, however, the solutions to these problems are often simpler than we think.

Problem #1 – “I don’t have enough money”

The solution to this problem is super simple, just cut out your unnecessary spending. To do this, take a look through your bank statements or transaction history and highlight everything you could have gone without, then total up the amount of cash money you would have now if you didn’t purchase them.

Now don’t buy them again. If you find your still unable to go out for Monday night Margaritas, then pick up a second job or a side hustle. They are great for extra spending money on the side.

Problem #2 – “I hate my job”

The easiest solution to this problem is to befriend your coworkers. Your work place is filled with a bunch of different characters and it is as simple as finding the ones who share similar interests and character traits as you.

Make friends with these people, as they are sure to provide you with laughter, joy and coffee. They also make the time fly, so by the time clock-off rolls around, you haven’t even realised you have been working!

Problem #3 – “Im not happy in my relationship”

Communication is key here! Just discuss with your partner that their actions and words or lack of actions and words are making you upset. If they truly care for you, they will do everything in their power to fix the problem.

If not, you need to be strong and rip the pain away like a Band-Aid, because ‘ain’t nobody got time’ for waiting around for someone else to make you happy! Kick that sucker to da curb!

Problem #4 – “I wish I was in a relationship”

There is obviously a reason you haven’t come across someone who is worthy of your time, effort and emotion yet. You need to take the time to get to know yourself. Learn to stand on your own two feet and make yourself happy first. You need to grow as an individual before you can start thinking of someone else.

Travel, study, work hard, figure out your own priorities and then consider taking the extra steps towards meeting someone!

Problem #5 – “I don’t have time”

No. You do have the time, you’re just too scared to make the time. Time management skills are important to master because they allow you to balance the things that you have to do with the things that you want to do.

When faced with this problem, you need to take a step back and look at the things you are doing that you just don’t have too. Sitting up in bed for an hour and half on Instagram before going to sleep probably isn’t an appropriate use of time when you have 234 uni readings and 17 assignments due in two days.

Cut these unnecessary things out of your life and you will see that you have a lot more time in the day than you first thought.

Problem #6 – “I am unhealthy”

To put it simply, you need to cut the crap out of your diet and start moving. I know you have heard it a million times, but that is literally the solution to the problem that has the potential to make or break your life.

Problem #7 – “I am always tired”

Stop going to bed so late and start waking up earlier. Shut off your devices at least half an hour before bed and if need be, take a twenty-minute nap in the afternoon.

You will feel full of energy soon enough!

Problem #8 – “I haven’t found my passion”

The solution to this problem is to ask yourself, ‘what have I done to find my passion?’ A passion isn’t something that will just jump out and slap you in the face. You have to work hard at finding it, through trying different things.

You have to experience life and all the wonderful things it can offer by throwing yourself into things that scare you. You can do this through travel and trying as many activities as possible.

Here are some ideas… piano or guitar Lessons, joining a gym, yoga classes, team or individual sports, art classes, dance lessons or cooking.

Problem #9 – “I am bored”

We tend to mistake being lazy with being bored. Getting out of a bored state of mind has an easy fix – call a friend and make plans. Two bored people is a lot better than one.

Problem #10 – “I have no friends”

What have you done to make friends? And the friends that you did have, what did you do to push them away? Making friends is pretty easy, even for the shyest of shy people. We are always drawn to like-minded people, so this is where having a passion can come in handy.

When we spend time with people who share similar interests, we are going to find it a lot easier to establish a rapport and maintain it. Also consider what you can do to be a better friend. Do you need to make more of an effort to spent time with them? Call more often? Tag them in more memes on Facebook? Start doing these things and people will often reciprocate.

Problem #11 – “I am so uninspired”

Being uninspired is a mental state that can bring many negative effects. To get out of such a rut, there are numerous things you can do to ignite the spark back into your life.

Travel and explore, see the marvels of the world around you. Fall in love and/or have your heart broken, it will open your eyes to fragility of emotions.

Problem #12 – “Nothing good ever happens to me”

It’s not that nothing good ever happens to you, it’s that you haven’t mastered the ability to recognise a good thing from a bad thing.

You need to defeat your victim attitude, so take a step back and recognise all the blessings you have been given from the roof over your head, to the food in your fridge, to the person you love.