Six investment gurus new investors should follow.

6 Leaders for New Investors to Follow

It can be pretty daunting wading into the world of business and shares for the first time. There are a million people in the media, shouting away, plugging different stories and offering wildly different opinions.

So when you’re just getting started it’s helpful to have a few referrals to publications and opinions that are actually worth listening to. As a friend of The Hip Pocket, here are my top six tweeters for you to follow.

Business Insider


These guys offer easy to digest business, markets and economics news from the US. While prominently US focused, the content is important for local investors to be across given our market marches alongside theirs, and they do cover global economic and market themes well for the relative layman.

Paul Colgan


Colgo is the editor-in-chief of Business Insider Australia – the local arm of the above outlet – and offers up-to-date Australian markets, economics and business commentary. You can count on this feed for running updates on important economic releases, broken down into what-they-mean and why-you-should-care type summaries.

Shane Oliver


Shane provides more sophisticated commentary and analysis on Australian and international economics as the chief economist at AMP. That’s not to say he’ll be talking over your head all the time, but occasionally may get a bit excited about things you’ve never heard of.  Nevertheless, a valuable source of economic updates.

Business Spectator


This is the publication founded by one of Australia’s leading market commentators, Alan Kohler. Shepherded by the equally esteemed Robert Gottliebsen, these guys cover big economic issues, company specific stories and broad investment themes in a fairly straight and serious way. And in this case, that’s a good thing.



Arguably the leading economics team in the Aussie banking space, Craig James and his team at Commsec do a terrific job covering news and economic releases impacting local investment markets. Their reports are easy to understand with implications clearly explained in terms of what they mean for investors and the wider economy.

Tony Boyd


AFR columnist Tony Boyd is a high quality filter of financial news and an insightful writer himself. His Chanticleer columns are more in-depth reads than some of the above, but always worth your time on a Saturday morning, as are his other tweets through the week.

And, of course, follow The Hip Pocket for good measure too.