Six Promotion Scoring Work Tips

Getting the cred you deserve at work has been a hot topic for years. Some believe blatant self-promotion gives you a crucial leg-up (no, not over). Others believe it’s a more ‘organic’ process that is less about operating in survival mode (the old dog-eat-dog approach) and more about adopting a sharing-is-caring mantra with your fellow work hounds.

Honing your collaborative leadership skills creates maximum workplace impact and can help you get your foot in the boss’s door come promotion time. So tone down that ego-centric gland and focus on how others can help you help yourself to an expanded pay packet (and possible desk with a view).

There’s no ‘I’ in team

Forget back stabbing, bitch fests and spreading mindless scuttlebutt. Teamwork is the new workplace thang. And believe me, lovin’ your colleagues (not in an icky way) will make you look like a class-A employee to those oiling the wheels.

Stealthily silent influencers (rather than loudmouthed recognition addicts) create curiosity (not drama) and often attract the best of the bunch in terms of fellow team players.

Up the ante

You don’t have to work yourself into a steaming stress pit, but doing more than your job description will get you noticed. Master the ability to maximise your workplace value and consistently sniff out ways to expand your influence sphere throughout the business, ie. network your butt off.

Be proactive and enterprising (not sucky) and more than likely someone up the food chain will soon be casually name dropping you in top dog circles.

Share the love

High fiving team momentum and celebrating successes is a powerful and undervalued skill. Helping your work mofos succeed will nurture trust, self-confidence and possibly a few free rounds on a Friday night.

And don’t keep it to your immediate team (Jonathon in accounts is an important person too) and make sure it’s not a one-way street. Johnno will be flattered that you’re even asking for his assistance, regardless of whether you think QuickBooks is the most character-zapping piece of software ever invented.

Here it is in action!

Dodge the political BS

Ah, office politics. The Holy Grail of sickies, stress leave and booze-addled bender weekends. The reality is, we’re all different beasts and some peeps we like and some we don’t. It’s human nature.

The key is not to perpetuate the bad stuff. Avoid sledging and those doing it and focus on the positive impact you can have on the business and on the solid relationships you have with the good eggs. They’re the ones who’ll back you when you’ve landed that mouthwatering promotion on a platter.

Don’t be a sook

The words ‘silent influencer’ shouldn’t of course be taken literally. Using your forefathers ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse for missing those Monday morning team meetings just won’t cut it.

Play it too safe and Big Dan from security will still be engaging the stranger danger alarm when you’re ready to cash in on your retirement package. Use your voice to continuously test business ideologies and processes. Constructive conflict will show that you’re anti-complacency and courageous enough to shake things up once in a while.

Be YOU (unless you’re an arsehole)

Most people can spot a bull-shitter a perfectly manicured fingernail away. Besides, consistently trying to emulate Leonardo in a Catch me if you Can scenario would be utterly exhausting ,I’d imagine.

Keep it real, have a sterling work ethic and most of all, enjoy the work slog. You’re there for most of your natural born life, so you may as well have a bit of fun with it. After all, if you were the influential head honch – would you be giving the next career-slaying promotion to a self-absorbed sad sack?