Want a Sought After University Degree? Here’s 5 of Them

40-years ago it wouldn’t have been uncommon for a 16-year-old to ditch school at the end of year ten and find a prosperous job. Want to be a journalist? No problem. All you had to do was hit up your local newspaper and apply for a cadetship! No degree necessary!

Okay, I admit, it wasn’t quite that easy. There was a lot of grunge work involved, however, a degree wasn’t necessarily essential. For a lot of professions, you didn’t need a formal degree, just a good attitude and the willingness to learn/work

Nowadays, you need a degree in your hands before most businesses will give you a cursory glance. Plus a load of experience, but that’s a whole other story.

Since education is imperative for young Australians wanting to enter the workforce, thousands of students have been flocking to Universities around the country, and not surprisingly, a large number of them seem to be choosing the same degrees.

Bachelor of Education

Flexible working conditions, good hours and plenty of holidays, as well as a decent annual salary makes becoming a teacher a realistic dream for lots of young Aussies.

A study conducted by Open Universities Australia found that 62,000 online students were choosing to pursue a degree in education. With an average salary of $67,600 and a number of undeniable perks, not to mention the satisfaction of helping shape the young minds of the future – it shouldn’t be that surprising.

Hell, I’d be willing to commit myself to a lifetime of school if it also meant I would get time off every 10-12-weeks.

Bachelor of Arts

Because why wouldn’t you major in philosophy when there’s almost no way to make a career out of it!?

Well, a Bachelor of Arts isn’t the dead-end degree a lot of people mistake it for. From journalism to politics, history to archaeology, a Bachelor of Arts leads to a broad range of career prospects.

It’s also the perfect thing to study when you can’t decide what to study.

Bachelor of Business

It seems Aussie students are determined to take on the world, and a Bachelor of Business is the perfect place to start.

A range of career prospects, a good income, and the potential to become your own boss is definitely enough to help students slog their way through this degree.

A lot of people from varying professions also pursue studies in business, from certificates to diplomas to help them improve their own businesses or career prospects.

Bachelor of Accounting

Good with numbers? Want job security? Job Prospects? A healthy income? Well, a Bachelor of Accounting is definitely for you!

Although Accountants are often associated with having a boring career, more and more Australians are choosing a steady full time job over an exciting career as they pursue other goals, like having a family or buying a house.

Interestingly, less than a third of Australians say they love their job, which equates to about 7.4-million workers who are either unhappy or indifferent in their current job.

Bachelor of Communication

Leading to a career in Journalism, Internal or External Communications, Marketing or even a role as a Professional Writer, a Bachelor of Communication is a creative outlet for Aussies with a flare for language.

It’s not uncommon for people to have more than one career in their lifetime, so a multi-disciplinary degree that can lead to a number of different career paths is essential.

Hence why studies in communication is so high on the list.

Keep in mind, that although these areas of study are some of the most popular, they’re also very competitive. Teaching, for example, has more students than there are jobs, which leads to a lot of graduates looking overseas for work, or relying on temping or casual contracts.

When it comes to choosing your own degree, don’t just follow the herd, choose what’s right for you.