Melbourne Startup Nura Becomes Most Backed Australian Kickstarter

Melbourne headphone startup Nura have created the worlds first pair of headphones that actually “listen to your ears”. While that might sound weird and irrelevant to the purpose of headphones, it’s exactly how it tunes to your unique ears.

Within two days of launching the Kickstarter page, they had already managed to raise $360,000. They now have over 4,000 backers and almost $1.2 million in funding, making Nura the most funded Australian Kickstarter campaign to date. Only one percent of projects around the world exceed funding of $US1 million.

Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, we all have a different way of hearing the world around us. Nura’s headphones play a series of tones for 30 seconds, then listens for the response they receive.

“We send some tones through the ear and listen to the response, and that response gives us information about how well you heard the sound,” says co-founder and engineer Kyle Slater.

The technology has been touted as game-changing, with video responses of first-time users on the Kickstarter page showing the sense of awe at the difference in sound compared to not just regular headphones, but also those tuned to the ears of others.

“They sound amazing to everyone here who’s tried them… but what really dropped my jaw was when we passed them around the office and saw just how different a sound they created for each of the guys on the team,” writes Loz Blain of Gizmag.

Mr Slater told that even seasoned audiophiles are often amazed by the quality of sound.

“Music lovers that have listened to albums for 30 years [try them] and say, they didn’t know that instrument was in that track,” he said.

The first order of business will be using funding to set up mass production of the product and of course, deliver the first units to Kickstarter backers in April 2017.

“Our first and most important step as a company is to deliver an incredible product to the very first backers of the Kickstarter,” he said. “We’re absolutely committed to doing that,” said Mr Slater.

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