This Sydney Startup Wants to Help You Get Out of Parking Fines

Parking fines suck. I probably don’t have to emphasise that at all, it’s fairly common knowledge. From 2014 – 2015, there were more than 1.2 million parking fines issued in NSW, totalling an estimated $17 million worth of pain. Ouch.

But Sydney startup legends AppealMe want to help you fight those tickets, because navigating the law isn’t always easy for the everyday denizen of the roads.

“Fundamentally the law is something that should be accessible to all individuals,” co-founder Matt Malcolm told The Hip Pocket.

“We believe that tech platforms like AppealMe are one of the ways to make this happen. We just wanted to start with everyone’s favourite, parking fines!”

And why wouldn’t you wanna stick it to “the man”? Especially if an app can make the process that much easier, not to mention avoiding high costs associated with hiring a lawyer.

Taking just 60 seconds to generate an appeal, the app also uses technology to analyse the particular circumstances of your situation such as location and the relevant state laws to suggest ways you can make your appeal successful.

“To write a successful appeal it does take an understanding of the law, which typically requires the services of a lawyer, which costs money,” Mr Malcolm told our pals over at Startup Daily.

“It pulls in all of your details and the smarts of it is it seeks out and finds the relevant law that’s applicable to your scenario.”

It’s a totally free service at this stage, which makes it all the sweeter when “the man” is already trying to stick his dirty hands in your wallet. It’s also something that the co-founders are passionate about, making the ability to challenge the law accessible to anyone, “regardless of how much they earn.”

With plans to partner with legal firms for complex issues, as well as exploring other areas of law, AppealMe looks set to become your one-stop legal saviours.