Things successful people never say. Ryan Gosling never says any of these things.

Things Successful People Never Say

Whether they’re killing it working for themselves or moving up the career ladder three rungs at a time, we’ve all got that one mate who moves ahead in life in leaps and bounds, achieves everything they set out to, and seems to have it all.

While it’s tempting to look at them with envy, it’s time to quit the jealousy and delve into their mindset to learn their secrets.

Chances are, they’re wired so that they’re always looking for the positive in people, situations and opportunities.

And that means talking a certain lingo, too. Here are some phrases you’ll never hear them say, and if you want to move ahead in the world, you should probably delete them from your vernacular as well.

“I can’t”

Entrepreneurs, go-getters and successful people are by nature optimistic. So these two words, along with “it’s too hard,” and “it’s impossible” are phrases you’ll never hear them say.

No matter how big the challenge is, those wired to think positively will always find a way to overcome it. Whether it means breaking a giant task into smaller jobs, asking for support or just thinking outside the square, there’s no such thing as impossible.

“I don’t need help”

Trying to do it all yourself is a one-way ticket to struggle-town. Successful people know when to ask for help, who to ask, and how to delegate effectively.

There’s nothing worse than thinking you can handle a massive workload or that you know best.

Teamwork and collaboration are important keys to working well and making magic happen, so don’t try and be a hero. Listen to others, share ideas, work cooperatively and ask for input and support.


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“I don’t care”

If there’s one thing successful people have, it’s passion. Sure, it might get a little annoying at times, but they’ll never be apathetic about a project or result.

This means having their opinions heard, the drive to success and contentiousness to follow up on tasks. Show some hunger, take ownership over tasks and be excited by what you do.

If that’s too far-fetched to fathom in your current job, find a new one. There’s a much greater chance of success if you care about what you’re doing.

“This is how it’s always been done”

Successful people are dynamic, visionary and flexible. This means they constantly adapt to new thoughts, methods and solutions. Sticking to the way things have always been done isn’t going to produce new or different results.

It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing market out there and thinking in the past will see you get left behind.


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“It’s not my fault”

Everybody makes mistakes. The difference between successful people and others is that they accept responsibility and move on.

It’s as simple as owning your mistakes, doing what you can to rectify the problem and most importantly, learning from them. If you’re always blaming others, there’s not too much you can learn from is there?

“That’s not what I do”

Most jobs are pretty fluid and what you do will likely change over time. Successful people go with the flow, take on work outside their official “job description” and are always up for a challenge.

That doesn’t mean saying yes to everything and everybody, but being easy-going and open when other opportunities and projects arise.

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