Sydney Auction Parody is Way Too Real

Posted to YouTube in November last year, it’s hard to see how this little gem flew under the radar for so long. The 7-minute video is a parody of a Sydney property auction, but for many of us, it feels all too painfully real.

With property markets across the country continuing to soar, particularly in Sydney, the majority of young people are finding it near impossible to get a foot on the ladder.

I mean, sure, you do read the odd story about a nondescript 23-year-old who lived on nothing but noodles for 5 years to save for a deposit, so if they can do it, you can too, right? The very fact that those stories are novel enough to publish should make the answer pretty clear.

The parody auction begins for “number one Backwater Road in Shithole Park south-west-west Sydney”. Boy, they sure got our number! The auctioneer goes on to offer some “friendly advice” to the first homebuyers in attendance.

“You are nobody in this country until you own real estate. I don’t care if it’s a giant mansion on the harbour, a generic townhouse in the suburbs, or a tiny little shithole like this place. You need to buy something and you need to buy it fast, or one day, not too far from now, you’re going to wake up and realise you’re nothing but an old, pathetic, renting fuckup.”

It’s like he’s talking straight to my renting face.

Check out the full clip below. Have some tissues ready, it’ll hit you right in the feels.