Tackling the Transition From Uni to the Working World

Graduating uni and moving into the working world is an exciting time, but it can also be extremely overwhelming.

The past few years of your life have been spent under a safety rug studying through uni and all of a sudden that rug has been lifted. And it’s cold out there.

They try to prepare you for the working world at through tutorials, vague networking events and some semblance of routine, but in all honesty it’s a way different world you’re facing.

When that warm rug gets lifted you go from being a student to a fully-fledged adult in a moment, with a degree and little else to keep yourself warm.

To make the move into professional life – or at least pretending to run a professional life – a smooth one, here are four truths to consider.

It’s a bigger and wider world, so get used to it.

In a working environment you’re dealing with a myriad of people and problems every single day. You have to think on your feet and deal with other people’s problems, as well as your own.

Of course they try to prepare you for this at uni, but at the end of the day it’s going to be a very different world than the controlled one on campus. You’re not going to have your tutor to fall back on and the messed up dynamics of a group assignment situation are suddenly your only way to a pay cheque.

You’re responsible for you and delivering quality work, so stop leaving things to the very last minute and get out of the P’s get degrees mindset. The earlier you take things seriously, the better.

Even if you don’t feel like going, you’ve gotta go.

Remember at uni when you could skip pretty much any appointment at the slightest sign of a hangover? Instead you slept, went to the beach or did whatever else you pleased.

Well, you’re a working professional now and too bad if you don’t feel like going, you gotta. No one else is going to do your work for you, and unlike uni, it does matter if it doesn’t get done.

In the beginning this can be a bit exhausting, so remember to treat yourself every now and then. Suck up sleep-ins on the weekend, a nice meal or even a massage to make the week more bearable.


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Work is all year round, every year round.

There’s a reason they say that uni students are always on holidays. Uni students are always on holidays.

Your working life is going to be pretty much the exact opposite of this.

There are no breaks every 14 weeks, no mid-week holes in your timetable and certainly no optional classes. It’s all compulsory, which is why you’re paid to appear.

You do get holidays, just not as many as when you were a student, so make the most of them. Take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before, go away for more weekends and stay active after hours.

Enjoy your pay cheque, but don’t go crazy.

Chances are this is the first time you’ll be earning a decent salary. Hooray for you.

Going from being a poor uni student living off noodles to being a cashed up working gal or guy can be overwhelming. It’s all too easy to spend it all and live it up.

Whilst it is important to treat yourself to a holiday or two or even better standard of share house, remember to save some of your hard earned cash. Organise a direct debit to a savings account from you first pay cheque and keep it that way.

Only when you grow up can you think about spending it.


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