Tesla’s Elon Musk Is the New Willy Wonka

In case you were unaware, Elon Musk is the founder and CEO of electric car company Tesla, space exploration corporation SpaceX and the co-founder of PayPal along with many other high-powered roles. The guy is a straight up inspiration. He also thinks we’re probably living in a computer simulation, but that’s another story.

Being the certified mad-dog he is, Elon has decided to take a leaf out of Willy Wonka’s book and offer 12 ‘golden tickets’ to the grand opening of Tesla’s Gigafactory. Here’s hoping there’s a chocolate river and a creepy boat ride where Elon rhymes some terrifying nonsense.

The winners were chosen at random from the pool of customers who pre-ordered the new Model 3 car on its unveiling day. Winners received an email from the address goldenticket@tesla.com.


Congratulations! Through random selection, Tesla has chosen twelve Golden Ticket winners from all those that placed Model 3 Reservations on the opening date to receive an all-expenses paid trip to our Gigafactory Grand Opening event on July 29th, 2016 in Reno, Nevada. We are excited to share that your name was chosen in this drawing and that we’d like to invite you and a guest to join us at the event.

Round trip economy class airfare, transportation, and accommodations will be provided. Tickets are non-transferable. For additional details and to redeem your package, please contactgoldenticket@tesla.com.

We look forward to seeing you and your guest at the event!

Best regards, The Tesla Team”

With a huge 150,000 pre-orders placed on the first day, winners came through on a 0.008% chance of picking up a ticket.

Spanning an incredible 5.5 million square feet, the Gigafactory is designed to build batteries for Tesla’s electric cars for the foreseeable future. Elon hopes that this will become the first accelerated step towards sustainable transportation. The grand opening is scheduled for the 29th of July.