The 10 Best Facebook Fails

I like to believe the human race is deserving of its dominant position on this Earth, but sometimes – who am I kidding, a lot of the time – the things people say make me wonder when the apes are going to take over.

You know when you were a kid and your parent’s always tell you to think before you talk? Well, people, listen to your parents – unless they’re one of the culprits below.

People can be pretty damn stupid and thanks to Facebook, we have proof!

Leo may not have died, but thousands of people REALLY did!

“Canadians think the Titanic was a real event and not just a movie, how dumb can you be.”

Can someone please explain the term ‘irony’ to this guy

“Most people don’t realise this… But you can eat organic, gluten-free foods without telling everyone about it.”

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore out thou Romeo”, Did you even read the ending?

“I want a Romeo and Juliet relationship”

Gee I wonder, it’s a pity you didn’t listen to the answer

“What does IDK mean?

I don’t know

…Ugh! no one knows!”

Don’t diss the button, you’ll probably need it later

“Saw the dumbest elevator today, it had a button for the floor I was already on…?”

Did anyone else know that Marilyn Monroe invented time travel?

“You know you love someone when you save their texts and re-read them when no one is watching ~ Marilyn Monroe

I so do this!”

Again with the irony! Someone please get these people a dictionary

“ANYONE help me find articles on Generation Y, or just how our generation is lazy, that are empirical research studies!”

Soooo, if you’re not a taxi driver, what are you? Uber-iffic maybe?

“I’m not a bloody taxi service, if you want a lift I expect money.”

That’s cool, but Facebook will STILL be there

“I hate you Facebook… I think I’m gonna try Google Chrome instead”

The 4th of July will still be the 4th of July on a Monday…

“Is 4th July being celebrated on the 3rd or 4th this year? Cuz the 4th is a Monday…

Facebook may be a lot of things, but above all, it’s good at weeding out morons…