The 10 Best Looking Offices in The World

Your office space can help or hinder your work, regardless of how grumpy you are come Monday morning.

So whether you’re hunting for redecorating inspo or dreaming about a future office (one that’s ideally not grey and claustrophobic), here are the ten best looking offices in the world.

Selgas Cano Architecture office, Spain

Going for a walk during your lunchbreak? Don’t get lost in the woods. The transparent, tunnel-like Selgas Cano offices are hidden in forestry near the lively city of Madrid.

For an office that specialises in making stunning buildings, they definitely do look the part.

Lego offices, various

From miniature Lego scenes to cheer you up on hump day to giant Lego-man holes in the walls, the Lego offices are a haven for teensy-tiny brick lovers.

Did I mention there’s a giant slide? Disneyland better watch out.

ThinkGarden office, Italy

Nestled in the home of design (cough-Milan-cough), it’s only natural that ThinkGarden makes the top ten.

Polished concrete floors, whitewashed furniture and smooth, luminous lights make the flowers and lush greenery at this office shine.

So much for spending the day cooped up in the office.

White Mountain office, Sweden

Looks like a scene from a Bond film.

Well, whoever said you can’t live in a cave was clearly misinformed. Sitting 30 metres below the surface of Stockholm, the science fiction-like space is enclosed within a former atomic bomb shelter.

Think meeting rooms suspended on the cave’s roof and greenery springing from fissures in a space spanning 1200 square metres.

AirBnB office, America

This bright, light-filled office boasts homely pale timbers, high ceilings and neon furniture.

It’s pretty much the ideal AirBnB stay equipped with a clean bed, well-stocked kitchen and lazy lounge area.

Thou shan’t have hump-day blues in this office.

Facebook office, America

If your stress levels spike after your least favourite co-worker starts rambling loudly on the phone (on speaker, of course), Facebook probably isn’t for you.

The gorgeously spacious open-floor plan means working alongside a lot (a LOT) of people.

There are perks of course – a games room, gourmet cafeteria and working at one of the biggest companies in the ENTIRE WORLD.

Dropbox office, America

Dropping in (ha) with some of best bits and bobs is Dropbox’s urban San Francisco office.

From playfully labelled meeting rooms to stretches of puffed up lounge chairs, Dropbox’s exposed ceilings and slick design makes it one of the offices we definitely want in our lives (like, yesterday preferably).

Kickstarter office, America

Kicking off crowd funding is, apparently, best done with timber. The Kickstarter offices in the iconic city of Brooklyn features industrial-style beams, unpolished concrete floors and rich timber walls.

Heading to a bar after work? The Kickstarter office has its own rooftop space, complete with city-views and a courtyard.

Google office, America

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an emergency meeting in one of Google’s orange O’s – this is the place to do it.

With Google-coloured furniture (yellow and red everywhere people), their non-traditional desks look like the perfect spots to cosy up with a post-lunch food baby.

Not that you’d have time to relax.

Park + Associates office, Singapore

Does a black and white themed office sound a bit sad to you? Not Park + Associates.

From high arched ceilings to stained black office desks, white rooms and bursts of flowering greenery – this is one of the best looking places in the world.