The 5 Best Productivity Apps to Use Your Time Better

Mobile phones are one of the biggest productivity killers known to man. But, if used correctly, can be turned into a machines of magnificent output.

So if you feel like tech’s getting in the way, or your time could simply be used a bit better, then one of these apps could be the ticket to turning your device on its head.

1. Your To-Do List : Wunderlist

This is the ultimate task management app, a one-stop shop for all your to-do lists and projects. With a lovely clear and crisp-feeling interface, you can easily navigate what needs to be done and when.

One of its most impressive functions is the easy collaboration it allows with others. It’s easy to attach files and links for fluid conversation and selecting which purse will please the mother-in-law.

Free for iOs and Android.

2. Reading All The Things: Feedly

If you’re a news addict, keen podcaster, blog-reader, social media enthusiast, or all of the above, you’re probably burning time between tabs on your phone and desktop.

Feedly bundles all your social media, favourite websites, publications, YouTube channels and more into a single, personalised feed.  It’s your 24 hour news outlet, but only for stuff that you care about and want to read.

This is easily the best app to stay in the loop.

Free for iOs and Android.

3. Sticking to Your Daily Goals: My Minutes

While to-do lists are an important place to start, getting them done within set frames is where the real challenge lies. This simple app cuts through the clamour with a time-keeper of when to move on to the next task.

Whether you want spend 10 minutes watching pug videos or 20 minutes replying to emails, plug into the app and start the timer for a gentle reminder of when the sand in the hour glass is empty.

$2.99 on iOs and Android.

4. Reclaim Your Internet Time: RescueTime

While the world wide web is a wonderful hub of information and entertainment, it’s all too easy to fall down the rabbit hall and get lost for hours reading BuzzFeed articles on 90’s pop songs or watching monkeys riding backwards on pigs (this one is worth it though).

RescueTime is your internet nanny that will silently judge you, running in the background to track your time spent on the computer and then break down your usage into flashy charts on what sites are Very Distracting to Very Productive.

You can use these reports to find your problem areas and which sites you need to limit. Probably Buzzfeed.

Free for your desktop internet browser.

5. Your ‘Me-Time’: Balanced

While time-management and to-do lists can make you a highly productive human, without having down-time you’ll turn into a stressed-out and pretty boring person.

Balanced is a cheerful app that is essentially goal-setting, but for ‘me-time’ activities. Schedule how often you’d like to take that walk, do yoga or watch trashy TV. It will gently remind you with a friendly ding when you’re neglecting yourself.

Free on iOs only.