The Australian Startup That Reckons It’s Better Than Snapchat

Attempting to take on a company that’s estimated to be worth a staggering $US19 billion is a pretty ballsy move, but Australian startup Bomb’d reckon they can do it.

And it’s off to a pretty good start, signing up more than 11,000 users in its initial three weeks, which is 8,000 more than Snapchat had at the same stage.

Appearing to embody the phrase “we’re not here to fuck spiders,” Bomb’d are already expanding their business to the US, opening an office in Los Angeles to target a plethora of wild college students heading off on Spring Break.

The app works as an “on demand” social media platform and allows users to send a “bomb” to a friend that has a three-hour expiry time. Once triggered, the person with the “bomb” receives a 7 second countdown after which the camera will automatically take a picture which is then sent back to the “bomber”. Sounds dangerous.

“Bomb’d offers something that no other social media app has – the ability to request content from friends and for people to find out what their mates are really doing right now,” the company told Business Insider.

In other words, it’s a fun way to ask your mates “warra ya doin?”

Bomb me dawg.

So who are the geniuses behind this Snapchat disrupter? No one knows! They refuse to be named, nor will they answer questions about their investors, although they have been linked to major Wall Street CEO Kenneth David Moelis of Moelis and Company.

Last week, a spokesperson for the company valued it at $10 million.

“Bomb’d received a $10 million post-money evaluation before even launching at Schoolies.”

Big bucks! With their success hinging on how well the app performs in the US, time will tell if they really can stand up to the big dogs in the park.