The Best Anti-Procrastination Apps

There are times when we all need a well-deserved kick in the shins. Or maybe somewhere a little higher. For the days when you’re feeling lazy and can’t seem to drag yourself away from television, food and/or the joys of sleep, here are the best anti-procrastination apps. Choose wisely.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

If your finest work is done on a touch of adrenaline, this anti-procrastination app/torture device of a thing will delete anything you’ve written in your session if you stop writing for more than five seconds. Hello writer’s nightmare.

The app will slowly fade out your words before deleting your last hour’s worth of work, but that won’t help much if you’ve just picked up the phone to say hello to grandma or you’re browsing Facebook on a different tab. Choose between a five minute or hour session for your brain dump.

Similar logic is behind Write or Die, with would-be-writers choosing between distracting AF siren noises or watching as their words slowly disappear. Let’s be honest, whatever you produce probably isn’t going to be your finest piece of work, but it’s one way of getting that 5pm essay done.

Yelling Mom

Persistent, uninitiated, obnoxious nagging. Just like the old days. Yelling Mom allows users to schedule tasks at anytime of the day, with aggressive reminders ranging from wailing beeping and a high-pitched referee’s whistle.

You can even postpone or schedule certain tasks to repeat. As long as your willpower holds up, that is.

Tomato Timer

Based on the popular Pomodoro Technique, the online Tomato Timer aims to get you motivated by breaking down your day into teensy, tiny manageable work sessions. As in, 25 minute sessions. That’s less than a standard episode on Netflix.

At the end of the session, take a five-minute coffee/tea/whatever else makes you happy in life break before settling back into another tomato-filled work sesh.


Like a personal itty bity digital cheerleader, Procraster helps you get organised about your work. Whether you don’t know where to start or think you’ve made a colossal breakdown-worthy mistake, Procraster has solutions which will make you feel, well, marginally better. Probably.

Good enough to haul your ass off the couch and produce work that falls somewhere on the acceptable spectrum of things.


If you have none of it, SelfControl is the next best option. Allowing Mac users to block any annoying websites that refuse to let you work in peace and tranquillity (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail etc etc), users can also choose the period of time for their personal online blackout.

There’s no backsies either – if you restart your control or delete the app, you’ll still be blocked from your chosen list of websites. Think of it as an online restraining order.