The Best Binge-Watch for Your Buck

With most businesses set to shut up shop for the year, a lot of us are going to have plenty of time to kill over the Christmas break.

Between awkward conversations with your extended family and drinking half a bottle of vodka at your friends “civilized dinner party”, why not binge-watch an entire television series alone in your darkened bedroom? The sun is evil anyway.

“But Matt, I can get these shows for free through the power of torrenting!”

Torrenting is illegal and you should be ashamed of yourself, especially considering some of the low prices that streaming services charge for the same content. You won’t need to worry about the po-po creeping down your phone line either.

Let’s have a look at what’s on offer.

Foxtel Play

Starting at $25 per month, Foxtel Play is the most expensive of the bunch and they’ll even slog you more for the best content like Game of Thrones – one of the only draw cards poor old Foxtel has left.

Considering you can sign up for two whole streaming services for the same price, you might as well do that or get yourself some full blown Foxtel.


My mate Stan is a pretty good bloke and will only charge you ten bucks a month to hang out.

He has a decent collection of content, but definitely lacks the exclusives that Netflix have on their side.

Stan’s greatest selling point is that you don’t need to pay more for extra devices, but you’ll only ever be able to stream on three of them simultaneously.

I’d recommend Stan as a supplement to another streaming platform or to anyone that hasn’t seen Breaking Bad or the new spinoff Better Call Saul. Quality television right there.


Presto is the slightly better looking sibling of old mate Stan. For 10 bones a month you can get all the TV you can stream and for 15 you’ll get movies thrown in too.

You can start an unhealthy addiction with new series such as Girls, Ray Donovan, The Newsroom, Walking Dead, Mr Robot, Wentworth and Aquarius.

The common gripe with Presto is the need to register and unregister devices rather than just working on a connection limit. An annoying problem for larger households.


This quirky little fella offers a standard streaming service from $10 a month, as well as the option to rent Blu-Ray disks on a post-back system.

The problem with Quickflix is that the best shows like The Walking Dead falls under premium content, meaning you’ll have to pay around $3 per episode and $6 for premium movies.

This one is going to come down to how much you’re willing to pay to wallow in front of the TV on an otherwise beautiful day.


Arguably the most popular of the gang, Netflix offers access to all of it’s content on three tiers; Standard Definition on one device for $8.99 a month, two screens with the option of HD for $11.99 and premium on four screens with the option of ultra HD for $14.99. Because who doesn’t want to see Steve Buscemi’s eyes in ultra HD?

Nightmare Fuel

You get access to Netflix original content such as Narcos and Orange is the New Black along with a swathe of other content.

If the US catalogue is anything to go by, the potential for Netflix to expand their library is impressive, but may take some time to negotiate with the other players in the market.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want to watch, and with the best content strewn throughout all of them, there is no clear winner at this stage.
Investing in two of the cheaper services will give you some decent coverage and is still better than a standard foxtel package. The choice is yours, fellow TV addict.