The Best Stress-Free Part-Time Jobs for Students

A recent study by Chinese scientists found that low paying jobs with demanding workloads (COUGH – HELLO HOSPITALITY – COUGH) were more stressful than jobs in neurosurgery. Yes, you read that correctly – science has declared that it’s more stressful to be a waiter than a neurosurgeon.

The study, published in the journal Neurology, suggested job stress was dependent on the employee’s ability to feel in control and respected. While neurosurgeons, teachers and other professionals may be more mentally exhausted by 5pm, we’re betting they feel a lot more accomplished than the girl who was renamed ‘Excuse Me’ for the last eight hours.

So demanding.

So next time you’re ready to throw your three-plate carry into the air, check out the best stress-free part-time jobs you can snag.


Sure, you might have to deal with the occasional crabby customer (or three), but you can kiss the days of tired feet goodbye and buy yourself a cushy chair pillow instead.

You’ll also likely be earning more money than waitressing, with pay as a receptionist starting at around $20 per hour and only working up (ha) from there.


If you’re a bit of a sports nut, why not try umpiring as a part-time job? A lot of local clubs and schools are always looking for qualified umpires, plus you get to (technically) be the boss for your entire shift!

Do note that this job option requires a reasonable ability to run and not die.

Usher/movie theatre crewmember

“I don’t want free tickets to the movies/show/theatre,” said no broke-ass student ever.

Ushering at theatres in the ‘burbs and city is one of the lowest-stress part-time jobs, period. The perks ain’t bad either.


Hospitality’s older, more sophisticated sister. Retail workers have to deal with their fair share of customer boloney, (do you know how long I spent organising those clothes racks) but if you manage to land a retail job at a relatively high-end brand, your part-time job might be a lot more bearable than waiting tables.

Swim teaching

Swim teaching can be a relaxed, lucrative part-time job for students who don’t mind their fair share of chlorine. And who can get mad at kiddies with their adorkable Disney-themed arm floaties?

You do have to be qualified (AUSTSWIM) before applying for positions, but think of it as an investment.


Not only do you give your brain a good workout (because let’s be honest, those 2016 marathon goals are long gone), tutoring can be one of the most rewarding jobs as a student.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with uni this semester, tutoring means flexible out-of-office hours that work for you! Respect? Tick. Control? Tick? Part-time job – boom.


Strictly not for child-haters, once the kids are asleep and not a creature is stirring, you’re free to do whatever you like while being paid!

Netflix and chill (but actual chilling) here we come.

Or sleep.