The Biggest Tech Trends for 2016 Revealed

As the years tick over like the unrelenting units of time they are, so too is old technology discarded in favour of newer, shinier and generally more impressive feats of modern engineering.

The total legends over at Deloitte have released their annual technology, media and telecommunications predictions and let me tell you, there are some tasty looking tech morsels in there!

Here are some of the highlights.

More people will be buying stuff on mobile devices

It’s estimated that mobile commerce is going to absolutely boom this year, increasing by a massive 150%.

As more technology like Apple Pay and Android Pay become commonplace, it will accelerate the time it takes to go from browsing an online store to processing payment to  seconds rather than minutes.

It’s also predicted that 26% of mobile phone users won’t bother making a single call on any given week this year. Because talking is so 2015.

70% of Australians used instant messaging services to communicate in 2015, a number that is expected to rise even further.

Virtual reality will become a billion-dollar industry

Virtual Reality has been around for years, mostly in a very particular niche amongst gamers, but now that the technology has become more advanced and more accessible, 2016 will see VR really take off.

Most notably in the gaming industry, with the big players releasing their own headsets very soon, but VR will also make waves in real estate, design, education and tourism.

And with most emerging technologies, the porn industry is also keen to jump on the bandwagon, which sounds like it’s going to be absolutely terrifying.

You’ll see a lot of AI

You’ll hear from multiple sources that 80 out of 100 of the biggest enterprise software companies will use integrated cognitive technology in their products this year.

And that number is expected to rise to 95 by 2020.

Before you take a baseball bat to your computer in fear of it becoming self-aware, the most common tech you’ll see is actually quite benign.

The big ones will be machine learning (the ability to learn and optimise performance based on how it’s used), natural language processing (processing text the same way that us meat-bags do) and speech recognition.

And you know, stabbing Oreo’s and stuff.

We want better internet

In the same way that we perpetually want more money, we also want faster internet, dammit!

And when we do get it, we want it faster again! It really is an unyielding want of 21st century.

But with increasing demand from complicated apps and software, there is a (semi) legitimate need for faster connections to keep up with the trends.

With the NBN expected to dish out a hell-of-a-lot more internet in 2016, many consumers will get their wish. That is, of course, if the gubberment can pull it all together.

Ladies in the tech world

We’ll start to see a lot more women in tech jobs this year, an area that Australia is already ahead in, because we rule.

Worldwide, women in tech jobs make up just 25% of the industry while Australia is at 28%, a statistic that is set to rise even further.

If you want to read more predictions by the crystal ball that isDeloitte, you can check them out here.