The Gift of the Gab – Tips for Negotiating

Great negotiation is a talent we can all use in nearly every aspect of our lives. From getting that pay rise or promotion at work to buying a new car, or even negotiating with your partner on who should be doing to dishes tonight; if you’ve got the gift of the gab, you can normally get yourself a better deal on almost anything.

But here are some rules to follow the next time you go gabbing around town.

The low baller

The seller has to make a living just like you; offering a ridiculous amount that’s way below the asking price will only get you angry looks or even a rude hand gesture.

And the thing is, once you’ve started off badly, it’s hard to maintain the sellers respect and risk making the price increase out of pure hatred. Instead, aim somewhere just below what you really want to pay and then work from there.

Bonus extras

If you haven’t managed to get the price down as much as you would have liked, asking for extras is a great way to sweeten the deal.

Things like free delivery or extra warranty is usually feasible if you have played fair in the starting negotiations. Make sure you ask for these extra’s before you have accepted to pay the price offered. Use them as bait for the seller to agree upon before you agree on the price.

Best price

Ask anyone who sells anything for a living and you’ll hear that the most annoying words that come from a prospective buyer are, ‘what’s your best price?’

They already have a best price in their head, so why don’t you kick it off with an offer first, otherwise you may end up with a Mexican standoff where no one wins.


Take note: If you are asking for a pay rise, putting down your desired amount first is a big mistake. Ask your employer what he/she is willing to pay you, as it may be higher than what you wanted in the first place, then you can go even higher from there.

It’s a negotiation after all. Sneaky, but affective.

Think ahead

Do your research on the product or service you’re looking for; a new car, insurance, laptop etc. If you know as much as possible about the product, you will be able to review prices offered by a competitor and use this to your advantage when negotiating a great price.

Knowledge goes a long way in securing any great deal, just don’t be cocky about it.

Go with your gut

If you’re sure the car seller is just that tad too cheesy or he’s too eager to sell you that car, perhaps you are sensing that something is not as it should be.

There are plenty of dodgy car salesmen out there after all. If the deal doesn’t feel right, shop around.

Seems legit.