The Importance of a Great Handshake

The art of shaking hand should not be taken lightly. A good or bad hand shake can mean the difference between a good or bad first impression and when it comes to wheeling and dealing in business or meeting the in-laws, making sure you have a good grip on the hand you are meeting can go a long way.

Here are some shakes to avoid.

The dead fish

There is nothing worse than going in for a good strong hand shake and receiving a hand which is limp and flops about loosely in your grip. Unless you’re shaking the hand of dead person, (whatever floats your goat) you should avoid shaking someone’s hand like this. And maybe practice on the living if you’re trying to improve.

The person receiving your dead fish grip will not only want to wash their hand after they have touched you, but their respect for you will fly out the window, along with the impression that you are a confident person who can get any job done.

Instead, you will be known as the person who couldn’t even manage to shake hands properly.

Note: Japanese cultures like a gentle hand shake.

The power tripper

On the other end of the scale is the power tripping grip, also referred to as the squeeze and roll. After receiving this grip, you’ll wish you could shake the hand of a dead person instead.

By grabbing a hand tightly and attempting to stop blood circulation, you then twist the hand just enough to make the persons eyes water. This grip should only be used in severe business-battle situations, or against an enemy of sorts.  It is the ultimate power grip. Save it for the times you have nothing else to lose.

The shy shaker

To shake, or not to shake, that is the question, and the answer is very simple; when you are unsure, choosing to shake is the best thing you can do.

To not shake could be detrimental to your meet and greet, whether it’s not getting what you wanted or being perceived as someone who is not so savvy in the business world.

However, it’s important that you decide on shaking before your meet. Someone who waddles about on their feet with their hand flying about in a state of indecision could be mistaken for having mental problems. Be confident.

Women and the hand shake

I have had the unpleasant experience of shaking many women’s hands to find they are the biggest culprits of the dead fish shake. For some reason, women and hand shaking is still a concept that the rest of the world needs to catch up on.

A lot of women think that hand shaking is a private practice only suitable to men, but this is so very wrong and even if it was something only men did, they need to step aside. We are women and we roar and stuff.

So if you are female, stop shaking your booty and start shaking your hand. Use a nice strong grip too, it will get the boys eyebrows waggling and hopefully, your next big promotion too.

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