The Margarita That Will Cost You More Than $1,500

If I offered you one delicious margarita or $1,668 cash, which would you choose?

Unless you’re a raging alcoholic, you’re probably yelling “the cash! The cash!” while flailing your arms wildly. I am too, I freaking love currency.

But if you’re the kind of sophisticated fat cat that has that kind of money to throw down on one beverage, then get yourself down to The London Hotel in New York City for the ‘Billionaire’s Margarita’.

It will cost you $US1,200 ($1,668) and is made from the extremely rare Patron en Lalique Serie 1, which I believe translates to, “haha, its normal tequila bro, we just say its exclusive”. But hey, I’ve never tasted tequila more expensive than the bottle with the little hat, so my opinion on fine booze doesn’t carry a lot of weight.

Jayson Goldstein, the creator of the cocktail has a better idea of what we’re dealing with.

“It’s really smooth. It’s got really nice vanilla and caramel notes to it with a hint of floral. You still get a little bit of the nice tequila burn which is what you want.” And how!

Quality of liquor aside, there were only 500 bottles produced in this series and each one has a price tag of 7,500 American hot ones ($10,424).

But wait, there’s more ridiculously priced alcohol in the drank – half an ounce of Louis XIII Cognac which goes for $US375 ($521) per shot.

‘Sif you’d leave them behind.

“We also just took it a step further and used exotic fruits like Meyer lemon, Key limes, and organic blue agave,” says Goldstein.

I know what you’re thinking, what the hell is a Meyer lemon? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And even though there are plenty of people in New York that could afford the drink, The London has only sold one, presumably paid directly from a stash of notes tucked away in a top hat, or a gold plated AMEX card.

I’ll stick to a pleb margarita, thanks.

Or spend the same amount and buy a small pools worth.