The Rapidly Growing Facebook Group Dedicated to Halal Snack Packs

There’s a Facebook group for pretty much everything these days, but I have never seen anything like the rapid growth and activity in the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society.

To those of you who are unacquainted with the culinary delight that is the Halal Snack Pack, it is a bed of hot chips under a blanket of your choice of kebab meat and combination of sauces. It’s a tremendously delicious experience for all involved.

Started in December 2015, the group has already amassed over 30,000 members with little signs of slowing.

Primarily, the group revolves around reviews and recommendations of snackys and their vendors. The review criteria include halal certification and signage, greeting/service (a “yes my friend” is almost certainly 10/10), packaging (Styrofoam is ideal), chippies, meat and sauce combinations.

As per the groups description, members are also encouraged to post a picture of their snacky.

“Show us a sick pic of your halal snacky, where’d ya get it? is it sick? Is it halal? and salrite or na? Also, is it a halal snack pack mountain or na?”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.51.05 PM

Despite only existing for a short time, the group has developed its own memes and banter around their evaluations. Post something that’s not a snack pack or has tomato sauce on it and you’re likely to be called a “haram dingo” with any number of hilarious memes (haram being the Arabic word for “forbidden”).

But perhaps the best part of the group is its outward display of genuine multiculturalism, something that’s needed now more than ever.

I spoke to one of the groups founders and absolute lord Luke Eagles about why he and Ryan Durrington decided to start the HSPAS.

“Initially, Durro and I started the group because we scored these hectic halal snack pack mountains waiting for Space Bong (a great doom metal band) to play and we were so stoked that we just had to find out if what happened that day was a blessing or the norm.”

He continues, “It quickly became a reality that the society of people who share the same passion for HSP’s well and truly exists among all types of people in this multicultural country we live in.”

The best of the HSP’s soon emerged and vendors have taken notice, commenting on the boost in business that the page has given them.

“The true colours of the top tier HSP dealers in Sydney & the rest of Australia started to shine bright through photos, videos reviews and tales of journeys far and wide”, says Eagles.

According to the page, the best places you can get a halal snacky in Sydney are listed below in no particular order.

– King Kebab Queen St | Campbelltown
– New Star Kebabs | Auburn
– Metro One | Ashfield
– Watsup Brothers | Condell Park
– Saray Turkish Pizza and Kebabs | Enmore
– Sim Kebab House | Ashfield
– Bj’s Kebabs & Burgers – Granville
– Jimmy’s Kebab – North Parramatta
– Kinky Kebabs – Sefton’s Playhouse

Halal snack packs are SICK!