The Startup Offering All-You-Can-Fly Service for Not So Cheap

If you’re the kind of person (fat cat) that travels between Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra on the reg, then I’d hazard a guess that you’re not a big fan of airports.

I thought so.

Well you can pack that sad little nod away, because startup company Airly are offering unlimited flights between the three cities for the princely investment of $2,550 per month, plus a one-time joining fee of $1,000.

And why would you fork out this many dollars for the service? Well, it would probably only suit those who travel between these cities a lot for business, or if you really love the city and live a life filled with money and little responsibility.


The monster premium includes reserving your seat, changing a flight and all refreshments. Airly operate a Beechcraft King Air 350 flying machine with eight leather club seats, ensuring that each and every flight you take will offend a vegan.

But perhaps the biggest perk of the service is the lack of queues and waiting around, boasting check-in a mere fifteen minutes before departure, saving you precious time.

Settle down, m8.

While it’s not ready to go just yet, the company hopes to launch the service in quarter two of this year, dishing out flights between Sydney’s Bankstown airport, Melbourne’s Essendon airport and Canberra airport.