The Sydney Startup That Makes Casual Camping Easy

We all have the friend that loves to camp. So much so that they might have thousands of dollars worth of gear ready to go at a moments notice, should the urge to escape the city become too much to contain for another uneventful weekend at home.

That’s all well and good for camp enthusiasts, but what about those that wish to partake only once or twice a year? Sure, you could hit up Big W for a cheap tent and a blow-up mattress that will be empty by the end of the first night, or you could go all out and buy top notch gear that you’ll barely use. Neither are particularly great options, if we’re being honest.

Enter Sydney startup CampNow, where you can simply rent everything you need for your once-off camping trip at a reasonable price, and the best part is, they’ll deliver it right to your door, providing you’re within 10kms of Newport or Bondi. Plus, you won’t need to store it or clean it, which saves you more time for Netflix and more space for whatever it is that you like to store.

Don’t know what you’ll need? No sweat! CampNow offer four different packages depending on the experience you’re after. There’s The Hiker, for those want to go it alone. Festival, designed for two people tackling a multi-day music festival. For those that want a little more, there’s the aptly named Want More, and then there’s the Take the Kids package, which pretty much speaks for itself.

Packages start from $120 and include everything you’ll need for your little adventure, ensuring you’ll never leave behind an essential piece of equipment ever again. For a festival goer, the package includes a tent, queen mattress, two chairs, table, esky, tarpaulin, headlamps, and first aid kit all from $130.

Daniel Courtnall, cofounder of CampNow told Startup Daily that the inspiration came from his own experiences as a non-frequent camper.

“CampNow was created with the intention of making the outdoors more accessible to those who do not have all the equipment. We want to help people explore this amazing country that is often taken for granted.”

So don’t let inconvenience stop you from getting out and about, let CampNow do the hard work for you, kick back and enjoy the outdoors.