The Times You Should Say YOLO and the Times You Shouldn’t

My theory is simple. In life, we all need a harmonious balance between routine and spontaneity. Yes, it’s challenging to find, but it’s well worth the journey because when you finally reach the place that sits between the two, you will be happier than ever.

Whether its our generations habit of creating an acronym for everything, or just a revamped, ‘Gen-Y’ified version of the infamous Latin saying ‘Carpe Diem’, YOLO is an ideal that we all need a better understanding of.

By now, I am sure you would know that YOLO stands for ‘You Only Live Once’. However, it feels as though the importance behind the term has been tarnished by ugly tattoos and obnoxious twelve years olds.

To me, YOLO means taking calculated risks and owning the consequences, whether they are good or bad. While it can be a great motto to live your life by, there are some situations in life that require thought and consideration as opposed to a ‘don’t think twice’ attitude.

The times you should say #YOLO

– Travel

Travel has the power to teach you some of life’s most important lessons. If you have been saying your going to pack up and take off for that trip to Mexico, now is a good time to say YOLO and finally do it.

You should never say no to travel simply because it allows you to grow so much as a person and allows you to develop new insights and perspectives on the world. It forces you to rely on your own devices and teaches problem solving skills in the best way possible!

– Industry Experience

So you came across an ad for an internship that would be absolutely perfect for you. The problem is, you are too busy between work, assignments and maintaining some type of social life to take the opportunity.

When you live your life with a YOLO attitude, you recognise opportunities when they arise and you take them. Internships and unpaid work are valuable experiences that you should grasp, as the payoffs could be invaluable.

– Meeting new people

If you are anything like me, there has probably been countless party invites you have declined with a lame excuse to cover up the fact that the only reason you are not attending is because you don’t know anyone there. Such times are the perfect opportunity to say YOLO.

You never know who you are going to meet. You could meet the love of your life or someone who could open the door to a new job. Yes, I know, interacting with new people is intimidating and making conversation can be awkward, but that’s why we have tequila.

Just down the shot, put on your best smile, be genuine and start getting to know some new people!

– Spending time with Loved Ones

By spending time with those you love, you are making one of the most valuable investments you will ever make. When life gets busy, the people who love us most seem to take a back seat and we forget to prioritise them.

I’ve missed out on so many amazingly fun memories with my family because I said yes to that extra shift at work. I’ve also been left out of countless inside jokes with my friends because I was at work when they were at home drinking wine and eating cheese!

The times you shouldn’t say #YOLO


– Entering a New Relationship

When faced with the prospect of entering a new relationship, I would keep YOLO completely out of the equation. Relationships are one aspect of life that should be faced with clarity and certainty.

When entering a new relationship, whether it be friendly, romantic or professional, it is vital that you look at the person as a whole and think twice about making a commitment to them. It’s not that you are having second thoughts, but rather that you are weighing up whether or not this person will bring out the best in you and vice versa.

– Impulse Purchases

Working in retail, I have had so many customers finish in the fitting room, only to come up to the cash register and say ‘you only live once, I’ll take it all’ as they dump a mountain of clothes in front of me. $750 later…

More often than not, they are back within a few days refunding their entire purchase because they were too caught up in the YOLO mindset to properly consider exactly what they were doing with their money.

– Quitting Your Job

As dramatically appealing as it sounds to just rip off your uniform, throw it on the ground and scream ‘I QUIT, YOLO!’, it is beyond inappropriate and unprofessional, no matter how much you hate what you do.

If you are considering quitting, it’s important to think about what the trade offs will be. Will I be unemployed? How will I survive financially without an income whilst finding a new job? Quitting a job cannot be a spare of the moment, do without thinking kinda thing.

I’m outta heeeerrrreeee.