The Top 10 Paying Jobs In Australia

You’re probably not going to like what I’m about to say, but sadly, it’s the truth. Life is unbelievably expensive.

A trip to the petrol station or supermarket will quickly show you that driving a car and eating costs a lot of money! If you want to buy a house robbing a bank might be a good idea (although we certainly don’t condone any criminal activity).

With a median income of $106,000 needed to buy a house in Sydney and an average wage of only $75,000, (much less if you’re a recent graduate) making ends meet can seem almost impossible.

If you’re about to embark on your University journey, or have a degree in your hands and are ready to start your first real job, you might be wondering what some of the best and highest paid positions are.

To kick-start your decision process, we’ve put together ten of the countries highest paying jobs, which will also eliminate the need to commit grand larceny.

1. Anaesthetists

2. Surgeons

3. Psychiatrists

4. Specialist Physicians

5. Dental Practitioners

6. Mining Engineers

7. Chemical, Gas, Petroleum and Power Generation Plant Operators

8. Medical Practitioners

9. Engineering Managers

10. University Lecturers

With an average hourly rate of $124.10, anaesthetists come in as the highest paying profession in Australia, with University lecturers ranking tenth at an hourly rate of $57.60.

To put this in perspective, each job on the list earns $2,000 or more per week with an average gross salary of $104,000 per annum. Suddenly, purchasing a home in Sydney isn’t too far fetched!

These workers account for approximately 22 percent of the nations workforce and a large proportion are from the medical sector.

Looks like I picked the wrong profession.

Interestingly, drilling, minors and shot firers all receive an average income of more than $2,000 per week and people working as crane, hoist and lift operators also earn incomes above the average national wage of $34.70 an hour. Despite most of the high paying jobs being professionals that require lengthy study, these few outliers don’t.

A common attribute for each position, however, is stressful working conditions that require extreme caution and skill to be exercised. In some of these positions, such as surgeons and medical practitioners, a simple mistake could literally mean the difference between life and death.

University lecturers are perhaps the least prosperous on the list, as these jobs are becoming increasingly casual. Approximately 45 percent of academics are paid hourly and work less than 35 hours per week. However, their overall income is still quite high. Not a bad deal at all!

All of the top ten paying jobs wield high hourly rates and phenomenal yearly incomes but keep in mind; the majority of them also require a lot of hard work. Making it through Uni is just the first step; you’ll then have to survive the rigorous interview process, on the job training, and the day-to-day tasks each job entails. But, if you can make it through all of this, saying goodbye to the poor student life and hello to financial security will definitely be worth the struggle.