The Weird Original Logos of Today’s Big Brands

In todays world of fast business at an uber-competitive level, a good logo can mean the difference between instant brand recognition and disappearing into the void. Any logo that uses the Comic Sans font is also in the void.

Let’s have a look at some of the whacky logos that some of the big brands in their early days.


Wowee, they certainly have come a long way haven’t they?

I mean, I get it – the famous apple that fell onto Sir Isaac Newton is one hell of an iconic fruit, but it’s a bit wanky.

This is the logo equivalent of the pretentious prog-rock fan that you went to school with.

Also, they didn’t actually get their name from the newton apple, it’s because Steve Jobs really loved fruit. So much that it’s actually all he ate.



It looks like the logo that a 14-year-old WWE fan would make for his fictional wrestling character. He’s white as paper and throws printer cartridges at his opponents.

Seriously, I know animals that could do better than this in MS paint and they don’t have hands. Good move on changing this one, Xerox.


To be fair, this one makes sense, as Nintendo were a playing card company long before they were making the video games that defined your childhood.

This is their logo circa 1950. Look at that badass ‘N’, that’s how you know they’re legit.


Woah hang on a minute, have Microsoft been an 80’s thrash metal band this whole time?

“This next song is called Vista and it’s UNSTABLE AS HELL!” screams Bill Gates as he hurls a CRT monitor into the crowd.

But really, this isn’t all that bad for an early logo. It’s even pretty cool, though a wise move to change it to something less intimidating to the non-nerd. Good one, Bill.




Sweet damn, that thing is hideous.

It’s the worst of Word-Art meets an ancient Geocities website that was long since buried under the sands of the internet.

This is Googles logo from 1997 and it hurts to look at. In fact, I’m downright offended.

There is, however, a valuable lesson in branding here, as even through it’s blinding façade, it still bears resemblance to their current logo. Consistency is very important in creating a recognisable brand.


Did you know that before they started pumping out mad tele’s, Samsung were all up in the noodle game?

I jest you not, that logo is from 1938 when the now tech giant was busy busting out oodles of noodles, converting their business to electronics after the Korean war in 1969.

Just how that transition takes place is beyond me, but I’ve never run a noodle or electronics business so my assumptions are void.

Fun fact; the word Samsung translates to “three stars’ in Korean. I don’t know how their rating system works, but I’m assuming that three stars is the highest or there are some confidence issues down at head office.