The World According to Share Market Value

Sometimes it helps to look at the world from a new perspective.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch have put together this amazing map showing what the world would look like if a country’s size was based on the value of it’s share market.

As you might expect, the United States dominates the map with a market capitalisation of US $19.7 trillion dollars.

It’s closest competitor, Japan, comes a distant second with US $3 trillion of market capitalisation, followed by the United Kingdom at US $2.6 trillion and France at US $1.3 trillion.

And despite China’s vast size, it’s stock market is still roughly comparable in size to it’s tiny neighbour, Hong Kong, as well as South Korea and Taiwan.

Much of Africa and South America are invisible on the map, while Russia, the largest country in the world by area, looks decidedly less imposing when you go by it’s meagre market cap.

Australia looks about the same as it does on a regular map, with a market cap of around US $1.1 billion. Although the way our share market’s been going lately, we’d be shrinking pretty fast.


Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch


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