Some of The Weirdest Restaurants from Around the World

Fine dining is not just about the dosh – so it seems. A new London restaurant is upping the ante with an experience that’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Over 32,000 people have signed up for the Bunyadi restaurant’s June opening, where there’ll be no what-on-earth-will-I-wear dilemmas, as diners have the option of eating in the nude. Now that’s stripping things back to basics. But edgy culinary concepts aren’t new. Here are a few more restaurants to consider if you prefer a more OTT dining experience.

Ithaa, Maldives

Like to know where your food’s coming from? This restaurant will enable you to eye-ball that swordfish on your plate (or at least it’s still-alive family) with its location five metres below the surface of the Indian Ocean.

A 180-degree acrylic dome makes it the world’s first aquarium-style underwater eatery.

Dinner in the Sky

If you’re an acrophobic, forget this one. Originating in Belgium, the concept has been rolled out worldwide and will allow you to be seat-belted to a table attached to a crane that will elevate you skyward to heights of over 50 metres.

Handy if you happen to chuck your guts on the way down.

Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok

A safe bet for a meal in Thailand, as your food is ‘guaranteed not to cause pregnancy’. The décor is, yep, franger themed and complimentary ones are available after the meal in case your appetite’s been whet for other things.

Would you like a side of latex with that?

 Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

Featuring underdressed nurse-waitresses, this one serves up salivatingly tasty meals like ‘Coronary Dogs’ and ‘Octuple Bypass Burgers’ which feature 40 slices of bacon.

Oh, and guests over 160kg eat free. A venue that’s socially-conscious and generous.

Disaster Café, Spain

Picture yourself partaking in a lovely meal before experiencing the aftermath of a simulated 7.8 earthquake.

The result? Tables teeter precariously, the lightweight next to you is on the verge of a vom and your expensive sangria’s just exploded onto the front of your shirt. Nice.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Embracing a dunny theme, this fine establishment serves meals in toilet bowls, drinks in urinals and has a delightful dessert consisting of a chocolate ice-cream dish shaped like a turd.

Whatever happened to the saying, “Don’t shit where you eat”?