8 Indulgent Purchases That Are Totally Worth It

When you’re living on a tight budget, spending money on just about anything is a daunting task. Should you buy it? Is there a cheaper version? Do you need it or simply want it? The list goes on and on.

However, sometimes the benefit of picking the pricier purchase, no matter how irresponsible it seems, outweighs the cost.

Whether it’s a loving companion or a memorable night at the big game, here are eight things its totally worth forking over a few extra bucks for.

  1. A dog or cat

Food, toys, vaccinations, treats and emergency vet visits are just a handful of reasons why furry friends aren’t easy on the wallet.

But honestly, the love, loyalty and fun that a canine or feline buddy can bring into your life is worth every penny. No matter what you’re feeling or going through, your pet with love you, and you can’t put a price on that.

  1. Gym membership

Sure, you could workout at home or outside, but it’s not the same thing.

From equipment to classes to seeing other motivated people sweating it out, going to a gym provides worlds of motivation that most of us don’t find at home.

Your mind and body will love you, even if you’re paying $50 per month for a membership.

  1. Coffee machine

Five minutes: the average time it takes to wait for the kettle to heat and stir up a simple cup of instant coffee.

Less than a minute: how long it takes a good coffee or espresso machine to brew a fresh a cup of joe. For a one-time payment of $100 to $200, you can get a brewer that cuts minutes off of your coffee-making routine and even allows you to choose from hundreds of drink types and brands.

Some even make soup! (I’m looking at you, Keurig!)

Coffee. A delicious cup of sanity.

Money is a small price to pay for a delicious cup of sanity.

  1. A massage

If you’re stressed, in pain or can’t sleep well, getting a professional rub down can work wonders. Plus, your friends are probably tired of you nagging them for shoulder and back rubs anyways.

  1. Non-stop or one-stop flights

For a few hundred dollars less, you can fly from Sydney to Honolulu to Orlando to then finally reach your destination in Las Vegas a good 35 hours later.

Or you can pay those few hundred dollars extra to go from Sydney to Los Angeles to finally touch down in Vegas in just 18 hours. Your choice, but your body and sanity will thank you for picking the latter.

  1. Tickets to the big game or concert

Just because you’re borderline broke doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to enjoy life.

It’s probably unwise to go to every game to support your favourite team if you’re trying to save, but when it’s the first time in a decade that they’ve made it to the Grand Final, don’t let your tight budget stop you from getting there!

Same thing applies to dragon boat racing, if that's more your thing.

Same thing applies to dragon boat racing, if that’s more your thing.

  1. Netflix

Orange is the New Black. House of Cards. Breaking Bad. Need I say more?

Whether you’re in the mood to indulge in Ben & Jerry’s and watch sappy rom-coms all day or you’re hosting an epic movie marathon with your mates, a basic $9 monthly subscription to Netflix has you covered.

  1. Faster Wi-Fi

Try replying to emails, checking social media and watching a Youtube video or two with a slow Internet connection and see if you don’t end up pulling all your hair out!

It’s worth paying extra for speedy Wi-Fi. After all, how can you binge-watch Netflix with a sluggish connection?