Tippity Top Tips for Getting a Raise

So you’ve been in the job a while and have confidently gauged your employee worth, your boss’s peak shitty periods and where you oh-so-eloquently slot into the company’s pecking order. And now it’s time for you to negotiate the often-prickly precipice of asking for a raise. You deserve it, right?

Well yes, maybe, but picking your moment is critical. Asking for a pay rise post-yearly announcement of (unfortunately dismal) financial targets is a no-brainer, but are you actually aware of the company’s wage policies?

If you’ve got the smarts, you would have discussed this veritable minefield before you accepted the job, but if not, try and up the grey matter usage from now on and make sure you confirm the terms of your salary with the big knob or your HR team before you instigate one of these dignity-saving tips.

Timing is everything

Don’t bring up the whole pay rise debacle by storming into the boss’s office when they’re mid-crises or in the process of shovelling down a tuna sandwich before a round of client negotiations.

Set up a formal meeting and make sure it’s at a time when both of you are relatively stress-free.

Not advised.

Don’t be a greedy guts

Unrealistic wage requests will just make you look like an arrogant twat. Know your market value, do your research and consult with industry associations or headhunters so you gain a better understanding of what sort of salary you can realistically score.

Done your homework?

Focus on how you benefit the company and don’t be shy about spruiking the positive impacts you’ve already made.

Smashed last month’s budget? Spreadsheet it. Mastered your sucking up tactics with a key client? Record their testimonial and ask them to recommend you for future projects.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat

Sorry feline friends, but I’m just making the point that if you get point-blank-shut-down when the issue is raised, try negotiating on other terms.

Are bonuses, extra paid holiday leave, free training or salary sacrifices an option? Remember, financial benefits aren’t just about cold, hard cash.

Ease up there

There’s no point railroading your way into a wage discussion. It’ll just piss your boss off even more than a chat about money. LOL.

Start the conversation by asking about your performance, the value you add to the business and how they see your future panning out. Then nail ‘em.

Keep it together

If things aren’t looking peachy, you need to exert some negotiating prowess. Ask how you can improve your performance to warrant a future raise, suggest some pro-active strategies that can help support your case and confirm a date when you can chat about it further. And try not to lose your shit in the meantime.

But if it looks like the proverbial brick wall is going to take some consistent head beating (yours) in the near future and you truly believe you’re being paid less than your worth, then it just might be time to polish up that CV (which can be polished, unlike a turd) and GTFO.