Travel Tips for Stretching the Low Aussie Dollar

With the Aussie dollar still trading low, many holiday goers are having to reassess their budgets and adapt to a savvier way of spending, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy travel with the trimmings!

Last year alone, I spent over 250 days travelling. Like most frequent travellers, I have mastered a few tricks that help me be safer, travel lighter and save on time and money.

Whether you’re a travelling digital nomad like myself or simply want to drive your holiday budget further, don’t be deterred from booking a trip because of something like a bad exchange rate, but instead, be cautious of how and when you spend your money.

Here are 5 quick tips for travelling with a weak $AUD

You don’t have to rub it in.

Explore your own backyard

In mid-2014, the Australian dollar was sitting at a healthy 94.49 US cents. Today, we are now 24 cents below that – something you can really feel when you travel internationally.

So instead of stepping outside the borders, why not do a trip or two to somewhere within Australia? There are so many options, whatever your holiday preference, from the beaches of QLD to the national parks in Tasmania to the big city lights of Melbourne or Sydney.

Don’t plan ahead

As we can book in our own currency, a weak dollar doesn’t impact the costs of flights or the amount of people booking flights, however, accommodation is another story.

My advice is don’t book months or weeks in advance. Maximise your savings by waiting until you arrive at your destination and book spontaneously.

HotelQuickly offers amazing deals on last-minute rooms, sometimes up to 70% off best prices online! Booking can be done effortlessly from the app on your smartphone.

Switch it up  

If eating and drinking is your idea of a holiday, then make the most of it and fill in the morning. Take advantage of your hotel breakfast and see if you can score some handy snacks to take with you for later in the day.

A bit of research goes a long way too: Look up local happy hour specials and regular events where you can enjoy freebies such as half-priced tapas and have a few cocktails without overspending.

Free days out

Across the world there are “must-see” attractions that you don’t want to miss. On certain days, many offer discounts and others are free!

Simply research this online before or when you arrive, as the discount often changes depending on the season. On the right days, you can see top sites without spending a cent, such as the Natural History Museum in London or Central Park in NYC.

Live like a local  

The best way to save money is to put yourself in the shoes of a local, so try to avoid guidebooks for eating suggestions. A good way to embrace local life is to buy a newspaper when you arrive. Every paper has good food, events and news about what’s happening.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask someone (taxi drivers are often great sources!) on the street for hot tips on local dining spots. Even if it does mean venturing out of the main tourist areas, these are often the best experiences you’ll have.