Tony Talks, Bill Yells Bingo!

“To live in this country is to have won the lottery of life,” the PM said, kicking off what many called a critical ‘make or break’ speech to the National Press Club in Canberra today. But it wasn’t all long-winded rhetoric and reflection.

To keep things interesting – in what could have been a pretty dreary affair – opposition leader Bill Shorten’s office reputedly handed out a “word bingo” sheet for those following at home. Business Insider scored a copy of the Billy Connolly-esque jibe, below.

B8zWa4SCQAIdnELAside from nailing BINGO, Tony also:

  • Dropped his signature paid parental leave scheme in favour of a “families package,” focused on childcare (to be developed in the lead-up to the budget).
  • Announced the government is working on a small business and jobs package. “From July 1, (there will be) a small business company tax cut at least as big as the 1.5 per cent already flagged. The new industries of tomorrow are likely to be the small businesses of today.”
  • Announced changes to national security laws and an overhaul to the way the Foreign Investment Review Board operates. “Foreign investment has to come on our terms and for our benefit. The government (will put in) place better enforcement of rules for foreign purchasers of existing homes.”
  • “The GST can’t and won’t change unless all the states and territories agree, unless there is a political consensus.”
  • “During 2015, our priority will be creating more jobs; easing the pressure on families; building roads; strengthening national security and promoting more opportunity for all, with a new families policy and a new small business and jobs policy.”
  • Said he has not thought about resigning. “We were elected because the Australian people rejected chaos.”
  • Give up his ability to hand out knighthoods, after learning a royal lesson last week.

And obviously Tony will continue as leader of this fine country of ours. For how long? It depends on his ability to gain the confidence of consumers and businesses to kick our little economic miracle along.

Because if the Aussie economy hits the wall any harder, he’s likely to be cannoning into it shortly thereafter.

In the meantime though, get ready for the next round of Bill’s Bingo.

Main pic: Global Panorama via Flickr.