The Top 25 Companies Where Australians Want to Work

A LinkedIn study released on Monday has compiled a list of the 25 “Top Attractors” in countries across the world, including Australia. The professional social network analysed 3 factors to determine the top performers: those who attract the most interest from job-seekers, the most actual applications and the most “loyal” new-hires.

Professional services firm KPMG took out the top spot, followed by PwC, Commonwealth Bank, Coles and Deloitte to round out the top 5. Out of the 25 companies, 12 of them are in the financial sector.

According to a LinkedIn spokesperson, flexible working schedules are a big factor in the popularity of the industry.

“Flexibility is a theme across the Australia list…The companies on the top seem to be in competition with each other to offer greater flexibility,” they told CNBC.

LinkedIn also surveyed over 6,000 workers, including around 1,000 Australians with results indicating that we have a significant focus on salary, but also care more about company culture when compared to other countries.

“Our research reveals that 70 per cent of Aussie workers are willing to take a pay cut to work for a company with a mission they believe in and that shares their personal values,” says the director of talent solutions for LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand, Jason Laufer.

“Building a strong talent brand driven by purpose and showcasing their culture by sharing content through their employees networks is vital to attract the right talent.”

The top 5 things we consider when finding a new job are salary (63%), opportunity for growth (53%), health of the business (48%), length of commute (39%) and if they’ll like their potential boss (37%).

The full list below:

  1. KPMG
  2. PwC
  3. Commonwealth Bank
  4. Coles
  5. Deloitte
  6. Westpac
  7. Qantas
  8. Lion
  9. UGL
  10. CPB
  11. Origin
  12. Virgin Australia
  13. Downer
  14. Telstra
  15. Macquarie
  16. Bupa
  17. REA Group
  18. Bank of Queensland
  19. Vodafone
  20. Medibank
  21. LendLease
  22. AMP
  23. Suncorp
  24. Woolworths
  25. ANZ