Tradie Miraculously Finds $123 Million in His Bank Account

Melbourne tradie Matthew Pearce struck one hell of a payday last year, finding that $123 million had mysteriously appeared in his Commonwealth Bank account overnight.

“I was shocked, you see something like that and think it’s a pretty big mistake,” he told I was secretly hoping for a more Australian reaction, something along the lines of “struth!” or “git farked!” but that’s just me.

“I thought about going to Mexico but I thought I better not — I got told it’s fraud if you touch it so I put it in the bank’s hands.” A wise move, Matty.

Surprisingly, Matt says the Commonwealth Bank took two weeks to fix the issue. That’s a damn long time to be staring at millions of dollars that you can’t touch. Kudos on the willpower.

“I’ve heard of a glitch happening here and there for a couple of million dollars, but never $100 million dollars,” he said.

It’s ben advised that the glitch is quite rare, and if Matt decide to go on a bender of epic proportions, he wouldn’t have been able to access the funds anyway.

It does seem that these “glitches” are becoming a little more common than one would think, with a man recently overdrawing his account by $2 million after entering the wrong amount when paying a bill worth $225. How you accidently hit an extra 4 numbers is surprising, but again, that’s just me.

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A similar banking glitch with Westpac gave a young woman access to an overdraft account worth $4.6 million dollars, most of which she spent on designer handbags. The woman will appear in court in June.

The lesson here is if you find a shit load of money in your account for no reason, it’s probably best to let someone know. None of these stories end with “Huh, just keep it dude!”