Uni Student Parties Away Her Student Loan, Wants Donations

University and money aren’t exactly the easiest things to juggle, but luckily, most of us seem to stumble our way through it, emerging with a fancy piece of paper and a hefty student loan. Whether you mooch off your parents or work a part-time job while you study, getting by on cheap beer and Mi Goreng noodles is pretty well the norm.

Unless you’re Emma McCormcik, a British university student who blew her entire student loan on partying hard and visiting friends in other cities, managing to send her account into overdraft.

Students in the UK generally borrow around £1,500 (or $2,938 in our money) during their first year of studying. Miss McCormick told The Tab she blames the extra debt on a build up of small costs.

“It was just a general accumulation of everything — going out, alcohol, make-up, going to coffee shops, this that and the other.”

Despite working a job, the income she received was not covering her expenses, a lesson she no doubt learned the hard way.

“I actually work in Next and I think because I was getting some money in as well, I didn’t realise that money does not last forever.”

Instead of accepting her newfound debt and moving on, Emma decided to use a modern solution – she created a GoFundMe page, AKA, the 2016 equivalent of begging for cash. The idea, she says, was inspired by none other than rapper and general attention whore Kanye West.

“He went into all this debt and I was reading an article about it. He said he wanted to make back the money he had spent making the album. He was asking someone from Apple or Facebook to give him money.”

Her page, which now appears to have been taken down, had only managed to garner a measly £20.

Sad or just smashed? It’s hard to tell.

The moral of the story? It’s probably not a great idea to piss away money that you’ve borrowed, and then ask the public to fund your stupidity. We all have a passion for the party, but when times are tough financially, you gotta get creative, not spendy. I genuinely believe that the goon sack was born out of such a conundrum.