Want a Career That Will Take You to 2036?

According to a report by multinational professional services firm, Deloitte, as the current growth wave of the mining industry subsides, the ‘fantastic five’ sectors of wealth management, gas, agribusiness, tourism and international education are trending and will add around $400 billion to Australia’s gross domestic product over the next 20 years.

Equity analyst, transport logistics supervisor, organic produce farmer, deep-sea diving tour operator or RTO course developer. See yourself in any of these roles?

If not, calm the farm, as these areas only cover about 20% of the economy. There are a heap of other growth pockets worth considering, and you’ve got plenty of time to get your career trajectory sorted. These wondrous areas include:

  • Residential aged care and the preventative health sector. An ageing population plus rising health costs means an increase in demand for roles that require us to care (more) for our older generations.
  • Re-skilling of an ageing workforce. More older Australians than ever are working longer, but will need to up-skill to meet market demands.
  • New ways of financing the future. An ageing population with a huge asset base means an increase in demand for home-grown innovative products and those who provide them.
  • Private schooling resources. Birth rates have jumped and parents are keen to give their kids the best possible education.
  • ICT. Techno-heads have an array of opportunities, enabling everything from automated mining systems to water-saving sensor systems to disease-resistant farming innovations.
  • Clean energy. Breakthroughs in ‘clean coal’ technologies, the harnessing of wind and water energy and next-gen solar are on the world-wide radar.
  • Gas. With the huge potential in this sector, opportunities in our transport and construction sectors will flourish.
  • Food processing. Provided regulatory frameworks are updated, a host of opportunities exist to harness the still-popular ‘dining boom’, particularly on the global stage.
  • Disaster management. Four seasons in one day? Across Australia, a resounding yes. Prevention pays off and can be used in everything from raising dam walls to implementing underground power lines.
  • Medical research. Australia’s research capabilities in neuroscience are in the top four globally. With ‘brain health’ set to becoming the dominant health need in the coming century, jobs will follow.

So if you’re ready to be a part of a nation “that will remain as the fastest-growing developed Western nation in the world in the coming decade”, you’d better get your thinking cap on.

Jus do it m8.