The Website That Tells You What You’re Worth Based on Your Resume

Ever wondered exactly what you’re worth as an employee? I mean, sure, you can hit up a google search for the average wage of your current profession, but what about you and your experience and your education? You may actually be worth more than you think.

If you have an up-to-date resume or LinkedIn profile, you can find out in a couple of click with Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool.

According to the company, the rad little utility uses the same technology as Google’s image searching or Apple’s Siri. It analyses over 100 aspects of an uploaded resume to work out a salary estimate in the current job market. It even takes into account your geographical location and the work that’s available in your area.

I uploaded mine for shits and giggles and the results were… surprising. It even showed me a cute little word map of my skills and experience, along with a couple of sentences that sum up my employment history.

ValueMyCV will even offer suggestions for CV optimisation and any relevant job openings based on your skills and experience.

If you’re feeling extra ballsy, you can try the “email my boss” feature, which will do exactly that. You probably want to think long and hard about following through, though. Best to use this as part of the leverage, rather than your entire case.

So if you’re ready to ask for more cash, best go in with some additional evidence to back up your proposition.

There are also great applications for employers, granting them the ability to check the value of a candidate based on their resume before discussing salary with them. So you might wanna think twice before massively high-balling your next potential boss.

The page will launch officially tomorrow, but you can suss out the beta version right here.

I hope you find yourself worthy!