Weird YouTube Stars Who Probably Make More Money Than You

Famous YouTube stars can make a frightening amount of money. According to social media statistics website Social Blade, their top ranking YouTube page is ‘Webs & Tiaras’, who, from what I can gather, film themselves frolicking around in an array of costumes with toys. I don’t really understand it, but what’s to understand when you make upwards of $1.6 million each year through advertising?

According to their Social Blade page, the channel is estimated to make between $132,300 and $2.1 million monthly. Monthly. For dressing up in fucking costumes!

It’s infuriating, but extremely common. All you need to do is find a niche, get the word out there and you’re set. And there are some niches that will confuse the hell out of you. Here’s some examples.


PewDiePie is an exceptionally annoying Swedish man that uploads videos of himself playing video games for his 45,862,107 subscribers. His Social Blade rank is 17th worldwide, but he takes out first place for video views, clocking an impressive 12,458,953,954 total views.

His estimated monthly earnings are between $73,700 and $1.2 million. So, he gets paid an outrageous amount of money to play fucking video games all day. I’m not jealous at all.*

*I am


This anonymous YouTuber is lurking somewhere in our country, which is a little unsettling when you see his videos.

Essentially, he tackles basic ‘how to’ tasks in an obscene way, as you can probably tell from the clip below. The common theme in all of them seems to be the use of eggs. For everything.

And it’s absolutely genius! He gets two types of traffic from this: the people that genuinely want to know how to correctly cook steak (boy, are they in for a shock) and those that watch for the madness and eggs.

In terms of ranking, he’s in 1,038th place, but still manages estimated monthly earnings anywhere between $7,100 and $113,900. I mean, you’d still have to factor in the incredible amount of eggs this guy goes through, which is bound to eat into his income. But at the end of the day, he’s living every weirdo’s dream!


According to the ‘About’ section of his YouTube channel – “I AM THE FUNNIEST MAN ON YOUTUBE AND THE PLANET, MAKING CRAZY VIDEOS TO EVENTUALLY END WORLD HUNGER !!!” Bold claims all round.  Shoenice will eat anything. No, really, anything.

He also chugs entire bottles of straight liquor, which is as impressive as it is terrifying. But there’s more to Shoenice than meets the eye. In 2013, Motherboard made a short documentary about the gut-wrenching story behind this internet sensation.

It’s hard to know what he earns through his gastronomic adventures, as he has multiple channels, but Social Blade estimates his main page makes between $6,700 and $107,700 annually. So he’s either doing quite well, or… not so much.

Jon Drinks Water

I’ll give you one guess at Jon does.

Jon drinks a bottle of water everyday and films himself doing it. That’s it. He just has a big ol’ drink of water.

To be fair, Jon doesn’t earn a lot of money from his efforts, so you may actually come out on top of this one. But he does do reviews and drinks branded water, so there may be some income from that perspective, although it’s hard to say.

His Social Blade page estimates that his monthly income is between $6 and $95. Lel.

But hey, if someone gave me an extra 90 bucks for filming something I do every day anyway, you’re damn right I’d take it. Kudos, Jon. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life.