What You Could Have Bought with the Money You Haven’t Been Saving

Money doesn’t grow on trees, nor does it make the world go round, that has something to with science (let’s not go there). It can, however, do a whole heap of other things, most of which is quite important, so if your wallet is spreading it’s leathery legs far too often, you could be missing out on more important possessions or experiences.

Read on to see just how far your small change can go.

The coffee cure

That coffee you buy everyday is costing you approximately $3.50, which turns out to be around $76.00 per month or $910.00 per year.

In the current travel market, that could nearly buy you a trip to America and if your partner is doing it too, that’s two tickets to America, so unfortunately for you, he or she will have to come. Total buzz kill.

Perhaps you are buying two coffees a day, which of course will be double the amount and double the trips to America. Instead of going cold turkey and risking becoming a serial killer, cut one coffee out per day. There’s no need to get stabby.

Coffee is great, but I think I know which one I would prefer. The huge budget tin of International Roast is looking pretty good right now.

Brand name bills

If you’re a sucker for brand names, you pretty much suck at saving money. During your weekly shop, you might grab the 2kg Cold Power laundry detergent which costs you a whopping $16.50, the Kleenex 6 pack of toilet paper with its quilted texture, excellent for all those hard to reach places at $5.99 and then the 500ml Heinz Organic Tomato Sauce at $4.73, because the bottle looks prettier.

All this adds up to a grand total of $27.22.

Now if you’d just reached for the 2k Coles Ultra laundry powder at $8.00, the Coles 6 pack of toilet tissue at $2.70 and then the Coles Tomato Sauce at $1.50, your total will be $12.20. That’s a huge $15.02 Difference.

This is just for three items in your shopping trolley; imagine how much more you could save if you bypassed all the big name brands with their fancy packaging and empty promises.

$15.00 can buy you a 6 pack of beer, an ITunes voucher or a book on how to save money by someone who knows more about it than me.

You could even buy all three if you save your pennies well. Now that sounds like a fun night in. Am I right or am I right… I think so! 

Drive at your own risk

Transport is a killer when it comes to your bank account. You could save a mega amount if you ditch the car and succumb to catching public transport. C’mon, we ain’t that bad. You’ll get used to the smell, especially when you‘re smelling the wads of cash bursting from your hip pocket.

Car costs, including rego, petrol, services and repairs, tyres, insurance and car parking can add up to anything between $5,000 to $7,000 per year.

Public Transport can cost you around about $1,800 to $2,000 per year. I don’t even need to do the maths to see how huge that difference is and how big the savings could be.

Ask yourself, do you need that second car, do you need to drive to work each day or do you need to have a car at all? Especially if you live and work in the city, near public transport.

That kind of money is somewhat life changing; you could use it to start your own business, take a long needed break from the daily grind, sponsor a baby elephant or make a cube out of your cash and pretend you’re Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Whatever your weird fantasy is, your smartly saved cash can get what you really want and make all sorts of dreams come true.