What’s your tribe?

You shape your tribe as your tribe shapes you. Be someone who lifts people up and brings out the best in those around you. Someone who helps others think better, aim higher and go further than they otherwise would. Someone who sees the spark that others have forgotten, who affirms their values, challenges their stories and always leaves them feeling a little bit bigger and better and braver than they were before. 

We grow muscles lifting weights – we grow powerful lifting each other. 

Your family. Your tribe. Your people. Your team. Your clan. Your band. Your squad. Your community. Your kin. Your personal board of directors. 

It doesn’t matter what you call the people you care about most and want on your side as you go through life. All that matters is that you’re better off for circling in their orbit and they’re better off for circling in yours. 

Who do you want to be part of your tribe?

Of course, every relationship is a little give-and-take. Sometimes you receive more from someone than you could ever repay. Accepting help from people can sometimes be uncomfortable, particularly if you feel guilty about being needy or embarrassed about your inability to return the favour. Accept it anyway. The vast majority of people genuinely love to help other people where they can and when you don’t accept their offer, you not only deprive yourself of their assistance, you deprive them of the joy they get from giving it. Everyone misses out.

What makes you feel loved? Do more of it! 

Likewise there will be times when you have the opportunity to help others in ways that you’d never expect them to reciprocate. Give generously. Not because it’s just the right thing to do, but because each time you lift someone up – to be more, to do more, to dare more – you raise yourself and everyone else around you. Not always directly. Not always immediately. Not always obviously. But every act of kindness, of generosity and of service sets in motion a ripple effect whose impact can flow across generations.

YOLO tribe

While you can get more done in a day if you’re operating alone, over the course of your lifetime you can accomplish far more when you’re pulling in the same direction as others. To quote an African proverb: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. 

Never underestimate the impact you have on those around you. Not your words. Not your actions. Not your presence. Not your power.

Fun times tribe

In every single day you decide to encourage someone you may not have thought to encourage otherwise, over the course of your life you would profoundly impact thousands of lives in ways beyond anything you could even dare to imagine.

You can have huge positive impact on your tribe

Lift others as you climb…. ask yourself:

Q. What do people value most about knowing me:

Q. How can I be that way more often for them?

Q. What is just one thing I can do today to help someone I know…or someone I don’t?


This extract is from Make Your Mark by Margie Warrell. Bear Grylls called this, “A book for the brave!”

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