Where to Find Money When You Have None

Don’t worry, this isn’t an article about how to get rich quick or one of those weird pyramid schemes. It’s about finding a few extra bucks when you need it fast.

Sometimes, as much as we try to tighten the purse strings and reduce our spending, it just isn’t that easy. There are parties to attend and new shoes to buy! Don’t worry we’ve all done it.

So what do you do when you’ve spent the money that was supposed to be for rent or for the overdue phone bill? Before you start doing things for money which could have you questioning your morals, here are a few handy hints to finding money when you’re a bit short.

Yeah ya do.

Reward cards

Have a Flybys or Woolies card? Great! I hope you use it, because you could have 10 or 20 dollars’ worth of unused points that can be redeemed for your next shop.

Money off your food bill saves you money in other areas.

Cash in your medical receipts

Been to the doctor lately or had a remedial massage? If you have health insurance (which you should), cash in your medical receipts to receive your healthcare rebates. Sometimes it’s good to be sick!

Credit card points

If you have a credit card that has a good reward points system, it could come in handy.

If you owe $100 dollars on your credit card and you have points to the value of $25 dollars, you now only owe $75, so adjust your budget accordingly to see the benefits.

Cancel appointments that cost money

It would be nice to have your hair done or get your house cleaned by a professional, but how about you skip it this week to save the money and use it to pay that urgent bill instead.

The pubes in your shower will be their next week, I promise.

Save on transport

Instead of filling up the petrol tank and paying for parking one week, catch the bus or train to save yourself the money.

This could add up to big bucks and if your rent is due, I’m sure catching the bus is better than living on the street.

Call in your IOU’s

Been helping your mates out with their money troubles? It’s time for some tough love.

Ring around and call in a few favours of your own. It’s payback time!

Treasure hunt

Now there’s nothing wrong with getting down on your knees and getting a bit dirty. Pull those couch covers off and search through the month-old crumbs, hairs and dried skin bits to find some coin in there or even a big fat note! Now you’re laughing!

The car is also a great place to find crusty coins. So get digging and find yourself some much needed treasure.

Re-adjust your budget

You don’t always have to stick to your strictly planned out budget. Tweak some things to help in other areas that require more attention.

You may not need to spend the whole $150 on your food shop this week, or you may not need to pay a bill for a few more weeks, so re-adjust the money to where it’s needed most at the time.