Why It’s OK to Be Renting

Some conservative sods have always maintained that rent money is dead money. And for many loved up twenty-something’s immersed in the nirvana of coupledom and commitment who are contemplating launching themselves into the next stage of adulthood (ie. spending the rest of their natural born lives paying off a mortgage), there’s nothing wrong with aiming for what our parents deemed as ‘securing a financial future’. White picket fence etc. etc.

But for those of us who enjoy splashing a bit of dosh on a good ol’ weekend road trip with the lads or a new pair of must-have Manolos, housie stuff is just not on the cards at the moment. Life’s too short, right? And there are advantages to dodging the grown up stuff for a bit. Yeah … like what?


Rent may just be cash that you’re serving on a fiscal-encrusted platter to your mystical Lord of the Land, but if it doesn’t blow the play money and you’re not ready to take on the responsibility of a life-long commitment (the ultimate C word) to a congenial lender, then it does have its advantages.

Hopefully you have a nice landlord.

And, according to some notable beanies, it’s the first time in at least two decades that rental rates have failed to increase. Winning!

Responsibility … not

If you have a poor credit history, you’re a bit screwed. Unless of course you have excellent parents who can assist with paving the yellow brick road (to Oz Homedom) or you come into some major cash via a lucky night at the Cashino (highly unlikely).

Loo blocked? Call your agent. Termite infested interiors? Help is at hand. And it’s just a phone call away. Easy peasy.

Location, location, location

Rental properties are often in highly sought after locations (and come with on-site perks, ie. spacious pool).

Need a luscious nearby park for your Saturday evening picnic sojourns? Done. Ample space for a temporary tiki bar? Look no further than your own (non-owned) backyard. Considering moon planting some exotic vegetables? Companion gardening is hip.

Flexible, like Gumby

If you fall out with your flea invested flatmate, feel like a new atmosphere or have a neighbour that totally bursts your personal bubble, then renting is the bomb.

Leases are often short term, negotiable and totally flexible. Yep, you’ve got bond to think about, but if you’ve kept things spic and span, most agents are happy to negotiate your wanderlust (or need for a new roomie).

Gumby is also good at juggling babies.

Sharing is Caring

If you live with a bunch of like-minded homies, renting is a great option. As long as you’re not expected to squat in a room the size of Nanna’s old outhouse, you’ll be fine.

Sort the bill-paying stuff out, post-it note your food in the fridge and have some rules about who does the mowing once in a while and it’ll be happy days.

WARNNG. I’m no expert, OK? Do your research (lazy Google search it) and decide for yourself will you? After all, you are a grownup.

If you do decide to dive into a mortgage, check out the rate you could get with the mortgage calculator below.

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