Why You Aren’t Getting Promoted

If everyone around you is climbing the career ladder and you’ve had the same responsibilities for three years, it’s time to stop and think about what the problem is.

It’s not just about the pay rise, it’s about continuing to challenge yourself, taking on different roles and more responsibility and being recognised. So, here’s why you’re not moving up.

You Don’t Take Initiative

A promotion isn’t going to get handed to you on a plate, so stop expecting that it will and start working for it. This means taking initiative with new projects, going above and beyond your job description and putting your hand up for some of the not-so-fun tasks.

Other People Are Better Than You

It can be a hard pill to swallow, but sometimes you’re not getting promoted because others in the business just deserve it more. It could be that they’ve had more experience, get better results, display better leadership skills or work more efficiently; they’re the ones standing in your way of progression. But not all is lost.

Working with people who are smarter than you is a great thing, so ask questions, learn from them and do whatever it takes to get up to and exceed the high standard.


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Your Attitude Sucks

Badmouthing the boss, complaining, jealousy and feeling entitled are sure fire ways to not progress anywhere. No matter how secretive you think you’re being, office gossip has a way of spreading and getting back to the subject.

If you’re really unhappy, look elsewhere or chat to a manager, because there’s no chance of a promotion if your attitude doesn’t get better or the situation doesn’t change.

There’s Nowhere To Go

In small businesses, there’s often a quick climb to the top then a plateau. If you’ve reached as high as you can get, have learnt all there is to know about the current business and role, and aren’t feeling challenged, it could be that there’s just nowhere left to go in your current company.

This isn’t a bad thing, it just means it’s time to reassess what else you can do. It might be time to look for a role in a different business or start your own business, but stagnating isn’t going to help you climb the ladder.

You Don’t Have Passion

Skills and abilities can be learnt, but enthusiasm and drive can’t, and the boss isn’t going to put someone in a leadership role if they don’t have the passion.

This doesn’t mean you need to be excited and emotional all the time, but if you’re wondering why you’re stuck in the mud and your skills stack up, take a look at how hungry you are for growth and challenges.

Main pic: Ishikawa Ken via Flickr.