Why You Need a Side Hustle

There are countless articles floating around telling you how to earn more money in your career.

Whether it’s networking more effectively, improving your skill set or asking for a pay rise in the right way, there are plenty of options for trying to bulk up that monthly pay cheque.

The trouble is, they all ultimately rely on forces outside of your control; other people recognising your talents and rewarding them, the business succeeding, or even the state of the economy. Do your best, and hope for the rest.

That’s where a side hustle comes in. Rather than just crossing your fingers for a pay rise, a side hustle involves using your skills, passion and spare time to pull in extra money outside of the nine-to-five grind, and – here’s the kicker – enjoy yourself in the process.

Why have a side hustle?

At work, you might be an engineer, a human resources manager, a tax lawyer, a call centre representative or a retail assistant. It doesn’t matter.

Chances are, there’s a lot more to you as a person than a job title or ‘what you do’.

Maybe you’re passionate about writing or carving things out of wood, designing bags or building websites. Or it could be playing the guitar, inventing things or coming up with delicious recipes. A great side hustle takes these passions, skills and hobbies, and harnesses them in a way that could make you extra money.

This will be different for everyone. A writer might start a blog or submit freelance articles to their favourite magazines; a craftsperson might start selling their wares at the local market; someone with a great idea might take a few steps towards making that dream a reality.

And the beauty of side hustling is that it’s not just fulfilling, in some cases it could even lead to a new career. If not, at least you’ll have a bit of extra cash.

ron swanson duke silver

 The ultimate side hustle? Ron Swanson as Duke Silver in Parks and Recreation. 

Isn’t that just a second job?

Not really. A second job is exactly the same as a first job; there’s structure, hierarchy, set hours and limited leave.

A side hustle, on the other hand, is flexible, entrepreneurial and fun. Any extra money’s a bonus, although the promise of cash can be a great motivator to actually get out and get something done.

A side hustle also doesn’t take away from the importance of that first job, either. You know, the one where you get a salary, have a manager and worry about KPIs and career progression.

We all have to pay the bills, but a side hustle is about more than that.


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Why should I do it?

There’s no secret to how successful people get ahead.

Whether they’re studying, playing sport, working for the man or working for themselves, people who rise above the rest hustle hard for their success.

And these days it’s easier than ever to make things happen; all you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you’re good to go.

It’s simple to teach yourself about a topic or subject online, to distribute a video or song to potentially millions of people, or to set up a space to sell your creations around the world.

That means you don’t have to rely on a job title or a promotion to allow you to achieve great things. All you need is passion, drive and some hustle on the side.

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