Why You Need to Find a Mentor

I’m willing to bet that every one would be 10x happier if they had Mr. Miyagi guiding them through life.  He is literally #mentorgoals. And if you don’t know who Mr. Miyagi is, go watch The Karate Kid (after you finish reading this, of course).

Whether it’s navigating through puberty or applying for uni, it’s likely you’ve had plenty of councilors to guide you through various stages in life. Mentors are no different.

In both the tertiary education and business worlds, mentor-mentee relationships are common and exceedingly beneficial. How so? Glad you asked, mate. Even if you didn’t ask, check out six reasons why you need to find a mentor!

They will ooze positivity into your life

A good mentor will always be a positive influence. If they’re not, they aren’t worthy of the title “mentor.”

From providing you inspiration and motivation to serving as your cheerleader as you navigate scenarios on your own, the encouraging nature of having a mentor will improve your life, not impede it.

Helping you reach the light at the end of a dark tunnel is what they do best!

They will tell you what you suck at (and what you rock at, too)

A huge characteristic of a good mentor is honesty. You can’t always see where you lack or fall short, and these individuals will not shy away from pointing out your weaknesses as constructive criticism.

At the same time, they’ll be there to point out your strengths and work with you to capitalize on your promising skills.

They’ll share personal knowledge and experiences

Just as Daniel would’ve never learned the importance of “wax on, wax off” from a Google search (had Google existed back then), there are certain insights you can only get from an experienced person who has gone through situations you’re bound to encounter.

There are far fewer words that are more comforting than, “I’ve been there,” and that’s exactly what a mentor who has actually been there can provide.

They’ll help you feel more comfortable

There’s NOTHING easy about navigating the corporate world. Having a mentor in your work environment is a huge bonus.

From laying out the company atmosphere to telling you who to brown nose the best people to connect with, having a mentor around will help you fit in and eliminate the stress of being the new or inexperienced one.

They’ll help you develop skills you didn’t even know you needed

A good mentor will often give you pieces of advice that resonate with you beyond moments when you’re together.  I can’t sit here and predict exactly what your mentor is bound to teach you, but the open-minded nature of a mentor-mentee relationship is exactly how these gems of information are exchanged.

It’s not always about developing skills you already have, but also about learning new skills that will help you become a better person and professional.

They won’t tell you how to be. They’ll help you figure it out on your own

Mentors aren’t lecturers and they aren’t coaches who yell at you and tell you to run laps if you get something wrong. When you develop a relationship with a mentor, they get to know you for you.

They use this understanding to assist you when making decisions or finding solutions instead of telling you what to do. And let’s face it; we’re tired of people bossing us around. A helping hand that motivates us to do our best is something we could all use.